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Involved in travel for most of my adult life, teleportation and quantum travel was an illogical, yet exciting next step. is the result of combining 13 years of spiritual enquiry & practice, with my passion for Joyful living and collective transformation.

Teleportation – humorously entering our collective Conciousness

The new, Quantum field, that is synonymous with Teleportation is finding wonderful ways to enter the mainstream psyche. It was Oscar Wilde who said:
"The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about."
Pointing out the value of keeping a message 'alive', outweighs    whether it be positively or negatively conotated. No doubt, the … Continue Reading ››

Quantum – State-of-Being

Whole being Integration, is the  thread that unites everything within this site, in-joy! The leap from Linear (surface) to Quantum (integrated) can be described simply with these 2 circles. (please feel free to imagine the circles as spheres too) circles The first one, Linear:  I am the static dot in the middle. … Continue Reading ››

The ‘One & Only Particle’

Please view this short clip whereby Bashar wonderfully descibes  the  'Prime Radiant'
Currently Quantum physicists  are mapping everything as 'separate',  each particle as an autonomous entity, uniquely different to every other particle around it, however their Quantum experiments are showing an different picture, like: Non-locality , Continue Reading ››

Quantum Enlightenment & 2012

I had for more than a dozen years been fascinated by 21:12:2012 and its significance.  By the time it was due to come around I was well prepared to let-go and 'feel' into it. I discovered a distinct  shift from one 'energy' to another,  in the form of two geometric 'programs'.  Namely a shift from the … Continue Reading ››


Is fundamentally a concise awareness or knowing that one exists in an infinite Parallel Matrix. Everything is available and accessible in the NOW.  Past, Present & Future. Indeed nothing has ever happened or will ever happen outside of this NOW field. The NOW heralds a key breakthrough moment from the idea of a: 'Linear' to 'Quantum' perspective.  … Continue Reading ››

The Secret behind Energy – Shifting / Healing Techniques

Matrix Energetics , ThetaHealing, Yuen Method, Now Healing, EFT Meridian tapping,  Energy Healing, Energy medicine etc.. are all energy shifting techniques. I myself am a practitioner of 2 types:  Dr Yuen's 'correction' method, and Matrix Energetics, 2-pointer.  I have had exceptional results with both mediums over the past 7 years.  However it became apparent that such results … Continue Reading ››

Emotional Cleansing

One’s emotions are pointers to Unconscious Belief patterns. Without a belief one can’t produce an emotion. Here is an Essassani technique: When an Emotion arises, find out what you would have to believe is true about yourself in that circumstance in order to generate that feeling. Then change that belief. This is a great way to positively … Continue Reading ››