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We are already ‘Teleporters’.

Our premise in a nutshell, is that we do not have to learn ‘Teleportation’ per se,  we only have to remember how we are currently doing it. (all movement is teleportation). Thus our practice is based on slowing it down, becoming aware of the process, leading to the conscious & quantum utility of it.

Teleportation is: black magic, unholy, siddhis, paranormal, supernatural etc

There is some degree of truth to this, from a 3D perspective.  We had all collectively agreed to partake in a certain degree of limitation. Teleportation was not part of that experience, so we rightly rejected it. However from a 4D point-of-view, teleportation and other ways of relating to reality, are  a valid part of this new game-board.  Skepticism is natural as we shift between the old and new.

Teleportation will severely escalate crime in the World making life intolerably unsafe.

There has been much conjecture and even a movie around likely ways ‘teleportation’ could or would be negatively used.  These are gross misunderstandings based around a shallow, outdated, mindset.  Robbing banks or people, committing crimes etc.

Teleportation requires an ‘integrated’ embodiment.  meaning an individual knows  that every aspect within the World is also themselves. The direct correlation of this disables any ‘teleporter’  from premeditating harm to ‘others’ .Such a ‘whole’ state-of-being is of the utmost positive value to society, and will dramatically benefit humanity.  Those who see it otherwise are simply pointing the finger from a divided, fearful state-of-being, which is now passée .

Teleportation is dangerous – if not lethal

The idea behind this, is one will not be able to teleport their complete body, leaving a limb or critical cells behind and thus being maimed for life, left crazy or simply disappear, never to be found again.

From an ‘integrated’ perspective, teleportation is no more dangerous than waking or entering a dream state. Remember we are all, and I mean ALL, very proficient at Teleportation.  What is creating the ‘fear’ , is actually the shift from teleporting ‘linearly’ to ‘quantumly’.  In other words like a movie, we see that actually we are viewing 24 ‘static’ frames a second. from the beginning to the end, in a line or row, so to speak. Extrapolating that out into a life, We are teleporting through ‘frames’ in a row, giving the side-effect of: ‘birth’ to ‘death’. The quantum age we have now entered, works differently, it allows us to break out of the ‘row’, and experience ourselves well quantumly. As teleportation evolves from simple ‘jumps’ in the row of our ‘ordered’ life, we will be able to choose to experience it quite differently, maybe i’d like to experience old age before my adolescents?

Can you Define your version of teleportation?

‘Natural Teleportation’ is a label for describing a different kind of conscious pattern than we have presently been experiencing. It’s more expansive, less narrow in focus than what we’ve become used too.  The awareness of ‘Teleportation’ as a natural state, infers a greater awareness of how our reality functions. A fundamental reworking of; Space-Time physics, (past-present-future,  physical movement) and how the reality we experience is shaped.  ‘teleportation’ is far more than  a buzz word for instant transportation, it is perhaps more apt as a buzz word for a completely new integrated relationship with reality.

Why do you quote an ‘extra-terrestrial source often, namely Bashar?

There is only a draw to call on ‘external’ material that corroborates my own view point.  I’ve found when I have a thought or intention, I often attract into my life other reflections that help support or deepen the idea. ie: I wish to learn about ‘deja vu’, then while buying a magazine, a book about numerology falls in front of me or a friend had a hobby around the subject which I didn’t before know about, basically, synchronicity and attraction form my reality .  Bashar himself cuts to the chase, when he said “we simply reflect your higher mind, we are your higher mind talking back to you“.

Why do you include so much information about extra-terrestrials?

Because I feel collective Human awareness of their existence is imminent and it is also an attribute of the expanded consciousness we are stepping into.

Why do you come to that conclusion?

One of the shifts that takes place is the embodiment of the dimension we once thought we were a part of (I have actually experienced this state for several weeks)  That is how we expand from 3D to 4D.  Therefore on a 4D level, inter-planetary awareness , is the same as inter-personal awareness on a 3D level.  Therefore becoming aware of extra-terrestrial  life, is an attribute or precursor to the dimensional shift.  Imagine for a moment, you have just heard on the TV, the USA president make an announcement that ET life exists!, like its now official.  How does your body-mind alter as you digest the enormity of that?

Consciousness expands right? just as the first astronauts expanded their consciousness as they looked back and saw Earth as a ball spinning in space.

Should we be fearful of ET contact, if no why not?

No, not at all.

From a 3D perspective, yes many will see it as scary proposition. The indoctrination, our belief structures; friend or foe, flight or fight survival instincts are triggered.  All symptoms of not knowing who we are, our disconnection from source. But as we shift into 4D awareness we integrate that deliberately forgotten knowing of who we really are. Then all such fear is dropped. For each one of us IS the creator of our entire 3D experience, not a bit part actor within it. The choreographer of it no less!. Only an amazing, supreme, wonder would create such a dense form of limitation and then choose to experience themselves within it! ET contact, is a chance to see what other creators choose to create and experience, what did they learn from their experience?. this opens us to a completely new gig, because now we can integrate some of their stuff and they will do the same with our experience. So a lovely sharing will happen, doesn’t that send shivers down your spine in excitement, Joy and wonder?  See no one is superior or inferior, we are all of the same ‘heart’ just our body-minds differ.

 If/when we shift to 4D can I still stay in 3D?

Yes. Each being is creating their own reality. We collectively agreed to be mirrors for each other during the present 3D experience  and as we shift dimensionally a new experience is brought forth, how we wish to experience ourselves in that differs based on our definitions and motivations.  The diversity we onced shared, won’t be there, won’t be as extreme as it once was,  meaning those who differ in certain ways motivationally will not inhabit the same sphere of experience, the same World, the same reality.

This is the nature of 4D, the ‘Meta-World’ and the ‘splitting prism‘ ,  so to answer the question those who still relate to themselves in a way that  is vibrational similar to our current 3D outlook, will thus inhabit a 3D world, will create a 3D World within a 4D template, which allows for multiple Worlds to be created depending on the vibrational signature beliefs each individual has.

The rise of ‘focused’ Worlds,  aligned ‘Earths’, whereby  inhabitants have much more in-common with each other,  accelerates growth in their preferred reality.





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