JFK Assassinated 1968?

This information was delivered by Bashar during his opening monologue titled: The Future of the Past (Sept.10th 2016) .

Bashar, true to form,  delivered a  jaw dropping account of USA’s presidential history that only a person existing in a parallel reality could get away with!     it was intriguing, and will make a nice addition to anyone the least bit interested in what lies outside ‘linear’ reality.

Several B.C event’s ago he had mentioned briefly that  JFK had died in 1980, however (somehow) the World had switched (en mass) to a different version of reality, so it was good timing that he decided to revisit the same subject this time around and add more depth and clarity to that somewhat bewildering statement.

Bashar pointed out that the Essassani’s can view our Parallel Earth realities  and by following these lines of intersecting energies can work out the World choices we humans have made.

Apparently our World has many, many histories that we’re unaware of. Bashar explains that Past & Future are created in the present.  So every time we change individually or collectively as a society, we create a completely new Past, and whatever History  we once had is wiped anew. All our memories, our history books, TV archives are instantly manifest with the new information that suits the timeline we have switched too, and as such we have zero recollection of the previous History.

Bashar has spoken numerous times to individual people who  had  walked away from serious accidents with zero injuries. He explains how they had died in the accident, but as that wasn’t their time to go, they shifted to a parallel Earth that was quite similar to the previous version, where they didn’t have the accident, which is why they had no injuries.  The World shift works in the same way  albeit en mass.

According to Bashar, JFK late in his second term in office reveals to the World the existence of Extraterrestrials as a fact. The shock of this information is digested into the collective psychee creating panic, fear and leads to societal collapse. JFK is blamed as the cause of the chaos and is assassinated in 1968. Because of the devastating impact on Society we humans collectively decide to switch  Earth timelines to a History where JFK is assassinated in 1963 well before he could announce E.T existence.

Bashar went on to elucidate how the interconnectedness of parallel realities create eddies of energy impacting parallel timelines, and in this particular example, how the original 1968  assassination rippled into the ‘new’ history leading to the assassinations of Robert Kennedy & Martin Luther King in the same year as the ‘old history’ 1968.

Bashar finished his monologue emphasizing just how malleable physical reality is, and how we individually have the power to not only change our future but also our past, just by creating a new idea of ourselves NOW, in this present moment.