lucid dreaming

Lucid Dreaming

Bashar, gave a transmission on dreaming in 2013. And throughout he sticks to the notion that physical reality is a projection within Spirit:

You are the Souls dream, Your physical life from the point of view of the Higher mind and most definitely from the Soul is a ‘dream‘.

and later he adds insight into the mechanics of it:

The Soul goes to sleep in a sense by projecting itself into the idea of a Physical experience and chooses to forget that it is an expanded Soul in a timeless reality and knows everything it needs to know.  By going to sleep in that way it dreams of itself being in this physical reality in a kind of limited way,  so that it can explore in a certain way  an idea free from any other idea intervening with that physical dream”

He imparts that our physical life experiences are actually a dream our Soul is having.

Later he becomes more specific on the benefits of Lucid Dreaming:

Lucid dreaming, waking up in a dream and knowing it’s a dream gives you unprecedented ability to control the dream to determine what the dream experience shall be consciously while you are still in that dream state.”

He also drills into the deeper nature of manipulating the dream state to conjure up a preferred physical life by entering into a sort of control area he calls the ‘blueprint’ and ‘template’:
Lucid dreaming takes place in the template level reality, that border line between the non-physical Higher mind and the Physical mind, is the  reality where you plan out the idea of your day,  your life, like a blueprint, like a chart. And when you dream you can go back there and see the agreements and themes you’ve chosen to explore and go about rearranging these things from within the template reality, and thus then when you reconnect with physical reality  you can experience the manifestation, Physically, of the rearrangement you have made in the energetic quasi-physical template level reality, that determines all shapes and sizes of things, all physical experiences that you have.”

He reinforces that lucid dreaming is sort of allowing oneself to wake up closer to being the Higher mind expression, and being in better balance with the higher mind in the ‘control’ level reality.

he finishes the ‘dream’ segment by informing everyone that “We are the dreams of all that is, and we dream all that is into existence even as it dreams us into awareness“.

Jai-Yah Channeled by Tyler Ellison:  nicely links a fractured imagination to the idea of physical reality and dreams existing separately: –

“The Physical reality unfolds like a story because your brain is designed to pick-up patterns and it organises the patterns to translate through the lens of a story, but if you see it through more materialistic perspectives of a random chaotic universe you are depriving your physical mind of union with the imagination.

When you have union with your imagination you’re able to see the symbolism behind all the different events and experiences that occur while you’re awake. In the exact same way you can interpret a dream.

So if the World is only viewed materialistically you are not exercising your imagination fully into the physical reality and then the physical reality becomes less of a dream and more of a concrete solid seemingly real experience but that’s just the nature of its illusory mask that it wears. The dream world will wear that same mask is the sense your dreams will feel real and that reflects how you will see physical reality as definitely 100% real and unchanging but when you start to recognize that its a dream the imagination and the physical mind unify very deeply., unveiling the symbolism behind every single encounter you have in the physical and this will propel you into a state-of-being that’s very much in resonance with our societies state-of-being.”

Bashar reference: “Dream a Little Dream”
November 9
, 2013 – Los Angeles, CA

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