Teleportation crowd

First-Hand experiences

Have you experienced any type of  ‘Teleportation’ event /happening in full waking consciousness, without the aid of stimulants ?

We’d like to hear of your experience . Our reality is rapidly transforming dimensionally thus I expect many more of us to experience ‘slippage’ within our present 3D time/space matrix.

By sharing what’s unfolding we help each and every one of us better understand and build a picture of just how things are transforming.

Please send your experience in, if you would like us to collate and publish on this site let us know, otherwise we will treat in confidentiality.

What is defined as Teleportation

All movement from our perspective is ‘Teleportation’, so we’re talking about significant ‘jumps’ in the linear frame of your physical reality.

Current listed Teleportation experiences: