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Density or Dimension

These two words can be quite confusing because they are often used, interchangeably, to describe the reality we live in and other extra-terrestrial realities.
For example Bashar refers to our reality as 3rd density and equally as 4th dimensional. whereas others deem 4th dimensionality as an entirely different state altogether. 
Bashar likens Density switches to the different states of water: 3rd Density = Ice, 4th Density = Water, 5th Density = Steam.
A dimensional mix up occurs when people count ‘Time’ as a spatial dimension and others do not. Currently there is quite a bit of discussion over this in the scientific field
We currently live in a reality that consists of:  Length, Width & Height, which create our idea of ‘Space’. But should I need to meet a friend for coffee, I need more than those three dimensions to make things work. I require TIME. Without a given ‘time’ to meet, I could be waiting at our prearranged coffee ‘space’ indefinitely. 
The dimension of ‘Time’; mins, hours, days, weeks, years are necessary and integral to our three spatial dimensions, which have lead some to label it as a ‘coordinate or temporal dimension’ and others as a full blown dimension.
This is why the Bashar has pointed out in earlier transmissions that we already live in 4 dimensions (three of space and one of time).

Bashar likens Dimensions to ‘Countries’ and ‘Densities’ to States within a country. (cosmic awakening 25-1-14) “you can have the idea of the 3rd and 4th density  within the physical 4th dimensional space-time reality,…co-incidentally when you cross densities you will also be crossing simultaneously into the 5th dimension
Update: ‘Sedona Vortex Array‘ Sept 2015:
During this transmission Bashar states, that we Earth inhabitants will shift from 3rd to 4th Density, but remain in the 4th Dimension. His race are shifting from 4th to 5th Density, which coincides with a dimensional shift from 4th Dimensional – Physical reality to 5th Dimensional – Non-Physical Reality.
Thus: 3rd & 4th densities are contained within the 4th Dimension, whereas 5th Density is within the 5th Dimension.
4th dimensional, 4th density; equates to A higher vibrational Earth state. Where Time & Space become more malleable.
sub note:
It’s possible Bashar – has contradicted his transmissions, further research necessary. In 2014 – Cosmic Awakening – I understood his civilisation where shifting to the 6th Dimension and Earth to the 5th.


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