Transcript : Atlantean Guides & ancestor spirits 1- Tyler Ellison

Tyler Ellison – Transmission 12th May 2019

“We will go deeper into your ancestry so you can better understand more of where you came from and more of your current human potential because many people on contemporary  earth are not utilizing the fullest on their own abilities or esoteric or physicalised technologies  and we being your ancestors in what you understand as Atlantean have been masters of esoteric technology inter-weaving  physicalised technologies.
Now we will begin by breaking down some of the mechanics  & technologies our society has utilised.
Esoteric technologies and some of its applications.
Our technologies allowed for us to be able to use teleportation (shifting reality to a different point of view). we could teleport in resources, technologies & other beings  from other galaxies & universes ..most of our technologies were based on this idea. we were essentially a group of people with innovations that grouped together our own consciousnesses which (were employed) to power these innovations which we utilized to shift collectively our society in a particular way or framework that allowed for certain resources to actually be teleported in to the society whenever needed and this allowed us to bring in new species, new varieties of different; foods, minerals, animals, all of which played a different role in our society. we would use different animals for the energetic balancing of the land but also so that we could interact with their spiritual consciousness to receive wisdom from them and better understand deeper aspects of life lessons as they could impart a variety of different perspectives depending of course from where we imported them in from. many of these animal based beings were from other parts of the Earth and we’d teleport them into our society other versions of these animals were not from earth they were different levels of spiritual beings that would work with us to create a physicalised body, so we would essentially manifesting or teleporting in a physicalised body for a consciousness to inhabit that had not existed on Earth before, we essentially helped it to birth itself in the physical reality framework. This is because we were masters of DNA technology, but not in the way you use it, we were psychically assembling DNA and utilising our technological advancements to create structures where we could literally create organisms understanding more of the genome than you currently do, and through creating these organisms we were creating bodies for other forms of consciousness to then incarnate in and this would allow us to be able to learn from these consciousnesses and provide them with a variety of different experiences and they would be disseminated on the earth or within our island networks. We also allowed for other schematics, other inspirations, from other off world civilizations to be understood so we could then expand upon our technology. We were in constant trade with multiple races as well as other technological civilizations that were existing on Earth.
And through this connection that our group wasfacilitating on the Atlantean part  we were able to form collective consciousness networks for the sharing of designs, schematics & research in a very deep and embodied manner where we would be able to understand the fullness of designs and how these technologies worked in a way that transcended ‘one human talking to a human’, we were able to bypass the slow learning processes you contemporarily deal with, where you have to have your physical mind slowly break down process, in this enhanced form of consciousness that our technology allowed for us to create we were able to actually send our energy body extensions into the schematics where we were able to actually fuse ourselves with the technology so when we returned in the body it would be automatically understood and the more accelerated this version of practice was between each of us the quicker the integration and understanding of these technologies would take place, they would then manifest in: dreams, in inspirations and we would soon learn over time through following synchronicity how these devices worked. How these machines of consciousnesses worked, and this was part of our group dynamic. We had essentially vibrational tools, resonance calibrators that allowed for our body to go into automatic states of heightened awareness while simultaneously being relaxed so we could spend extended periods of time in this projected point of view, that would then allow for us to be able to access various levels of reality so we could then begin to download & explore whatever it is we wanted to download & explore and the idea is actual our physical bodies would remain completely nourished & relaxed due to the type of technological alterations we were making to our system just through the machinerys.   So in other words it was the emanations of the vibrations of these particular systems that were allowing for our physical bodies to stay in these deep states of which you know to be: trance, or gamma state.
And this is something we began to utilize once our group pioneered it, using it amongst many other groups.  we soon began bringing various forms of different, technologies this was something that became slightly problematic at certain points when certain members of these groups began to create aspects of their consciousness that were in a particular resonance where they were accessing technologies that were not necessarily permitted amongst our group consensuses, so they essentially began downloading schematics for secret technologies that had multiple implications, not all of them you would consider to be negative but understand it was not among the group consensus so in that way it was forbidden, it was in violation of what was in the time, deemed to be morally appropriate, and as a result not all groups saw fit so the need for secrecy was perceived by these factions so this then created situations where technology became secretive and was then disseminative in what you’d understand as a ‘black market’ type fashion where certain individuals were given these technologies creating a type of commerce associated with these forbidden technologies. Some of these technologies created what you would understand to be alterations in weather patterns, the reason these where considered a big deal is because weather patterns are a reflection of the collective consciousness and when you begin to externally manipulate weather patterns you can alter the collective consciousness in particular ways that are not necessarily against free-will but the idea is it will bring up aspects of the society, that the society on a physical ego level is not ready to explore but it is essentially bringing up these things. We existed in a particular state of developing UNITY consciousness, although it was not completely there, so when these types of alterations would happen it would be shocking to the collective consciousness systems. these weather patterns portals, the idea is ALL of your weather patterns are linked to certain reality frameworks and when you have ‘grey dreary weather’ there are certain realities that are linked to that variety of weather, when you have very ‘windy’ weather this is another one,  hurricane weather is another one, the idea is through the alteration of weather technologies various portals were opened. And this allowed certain beings who had not had access to earth’s coordinates to then be able to come in to the framework, this of course at the highest levels of perception in terms of vibration we were all agreeing towards as a theme to explore, but from an earth point of view many there were aspects many people were not consenting to  but it was happening any way.
Again reflective of elements of our own shadow and the idea fear and fear of technology and fear of what it could bring was what from a collective belief system level lead to the manifestation of such occurrences. Through these ‘weather’ opened patterned portals a variety of inter-dimensional species were able to come not only into Atlantean society but also in to other aspects of the Earth, we did not see this coming so we were not prepared, it was not negative collectively but it was for many people startling because we began to experience them  quite viscerally and it was shocking to many people because it went against the current paradigm and current general belief of what reality is and what it could be. This then lead to a conflict that existed amongst these types of groups that i am a part of, these types of groups then began to attempt to suppress one another to actually develop  technologies to counter the secret technologies because no one would actually conFESS up about who was actually bringing these beings in, who was altering the weather patterns in such a way, and as a result it lead to technological sabotage on a physic level  where as a result we manifested collective conflict in such a way within our own weather patterns and through the sabotage of our energies where we collectively began to manifest in, which you’d  understand to be a collective national disaster which eventually lead to the extinction of our society in terms of a unified network of islands as a result of this, much of this technology was lost but the fundamental teachings & concepts you have not lost like the idea your perception creates your reality, your energy creates your reality, that is still maintained from our society.
the idea is that we took this to such a point that we developed technologies that could help us capitalize on the natural ability of collective manifestation.
We are emanating this to your reality now mainly because certain technologies are again going to be birthed here and this is going to be done in a very different way because of the particular version of earth’s timeline you are all on, so these technologies will actually be able to assist you in birthing things in that are in resonance with the collective consensus of your collective consciousness, in terms of what people are asking for like; free energy (a primary one), AI systems, will be able to be downloaded by such a means; the schematics, the blueprints. the understandings can be generated & developed through such technologies had our society not destroyed itself in this way we would have most likely manifested through this A.I way, we were very close to it, but we favoured more of this instantaneous  manifestation, this teleportation, part of the reason also is many people in these groups didn’t think we actually needed it because we were so advanced with our spiritual exploration, why would we need it? aren’t we already embodying that? we made an assumption that we believed it would be irrelevant to our society so we never invested in it. otherwise we would have invested more energy into these A.I systems. This would allow for a different point of view to take place and their are atlantean civs that are on that timeline. I’m peering into your reality primarily to deliver this information to you, that Your technology will interweave itself with your consciousness but not in the way the scifi movies suggest, (no implants). vibration emanation, frequency  emanation. to help members of your society reach a deeper states of consciousness and what will happen,when these technologies assist you in doing this is eventually your biological systems, your normal bodies, will develop it on their own because the technologies alter the DNA in that manner. and because of that accelerations in your own Human evolution can then begin to occur.  Then you can allow for yourselves to open up to these greater intelligence ideas to expand upon your own technologies of your current Earth, as well as deeper spiritual connections to these higher self, astral & non physical versions of the inhabitants of your World, where you will not be able to deny the spiritual reality of them.
In this way you will begin to access the consciousness of plants & animals, it will also give you a point-of-view into the notion that ET’s and inner earth societies exist although there will be sometime before this can actually crystalize.
Tyler Ellison’s amazing channeled downloads are available on his youtube page ‘Health Thyself.