The Splitting Prism

Bashar and other ET Transmission’s have pointed to a ‘time’ of transformation, whereby Human’s will select their chosen ‘Earth’ reality experience  , purely by their ‘state-of-being’.

Our beliefs, emotions and thoughts vibrate (state-of-being) and this resonance attracts other resonances  alike to coalesce  and form our living physical reality. This happens because our physical reality exists within our consciousness.

During our third density/fourth dimensional  experience we have considered our outer physical reality to be independent of ourselves. But during the imminent shift to 4th density/5th dimension  we awaken to the self-created nature of our existence.

During the third density  stage, we have created a wide range of ‘state-of-beings’ within our World reality. Right now there are people living in a famine,; being bombed in a war; sleeping in a cardboard box, born in a jungle, imprisoned, cruising on a super-yacht, living in silence & celibacy in a monastery or a 100th floor apartment in noise & debauchery and so on.  The range of living resonances are immensely diverse.  Through many incarnations we have experienced the lot; Man or Woman,  Prince to pauper, murderer and murdered.

At this time there is a  ‘Great Compression’ , whereby all of those past 3D experiences, are being cognized  either; unconsciously, subconsciously or consciously, via our Oversouls, distilled into an orientating and refined ‘tonal-key’ to match an individuals chosen signature preference of expression.

During the Great compression a Great Dimensional Expansion happens simultaneously.  Our Physical makeup harmonises with our non-physical self (see Quasi-physical building blocks).  As our chosen ‘key’ resonance explodes into our new hyper-dimensional abilities, The splitting prism, the Great Change, happens by default.

Our embodied resonance is instantly matched to a World representing that idea. The population that then will inhabit our World Reality, will be versions, points of view,  that best match and represent the reality of our preference. Of what we believe to be true about ourself, thus speeding up our evolution and enhancing our enjoyment of reflective-living.

This is why ‘Epsilon and the Essassani Triad‘ have shared their recent transmission, kindly indicating there are over 2 years to align with our highest; Joy, excitement, Love, Passion.  Ensuring an ecstatic  shift from one dream to another.


“During this upcoming remainder of what we call Span from 2010 to 2015. The Splitting Prism as we call it, as you begin to pass through it, all the vibrations that you are, that you have chosen to be,  your lives, begin to diversify through parallel realities, that will diverge, diverge, diverge until a few decades down the track where you will not be able to cross from one to the other and each that you have chosen will be the reality that you experience in totality. Allow yourselves to understand that this is also a function of the Oversoul. to have placed within the experience for all of you, this splitting prism, so that the diversification that all of you were created to be will become so refined, so aligned with a particular frequency that it will be the essence of that reality that, that individual personality was designed to experience so that again it transmits back to the Oversoul the purity of that frequency of that resonance of that reality that represents the reality of your preference, of your Joy, of your true natural self and as you diverge from that splitting prism and allow your reality to become more and more crystallized along a particular coherent lazer like frequency  line, you will see all other things fall away that are not of that vibration and they will be incapable of crossing those lines in the future. so that each will become its own divergent parallel reality Earth and each will shift to the Earth that’s appropriate for the vibrational frequency you have chosen to make your own through your beliefs and your definitions. 

This was planted within the oversouls timing device for each and every one of you to feel the the rush and the urge to yourself to be pulled magnetically to your true natural self and explode through that prism into the parallel reality hat truly represents the purest reflection of the aspect of ‘ALL-That-Is’ that each and everyone of you are.”


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