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Soluntra (1990’s – 2014)

By Soluntra King

Many years ago in the early 1980’s when I first teleported I wanted to go to Greece, to Meteroa where all the great rocks are and I felt that place was a doorway for teleporting. So I decided I would arrive in the ladies toilets at Athens airport as I was not used to just materialising and dematerialising in this body and thought I better not just pop in anywhere, but arrive somewhere where there were no people or not many. Next thing I was there and as I materialised a lady was washing her hands in the hand basin and turned to me and said to me “where did you come from?” and I said “I have always been here”” because of course I have and I am, as I am one with everything.

So if I need to be somewhere in this body, then I am already there and then just need to be aware that I am there.
Another time I teleported it was while doing a crystal layout on a lady, one minute I was at her feet then next thing I am at her head, but I did not walk beside the massage table I was just there where I needed to be.
Another time I was in my home in the bush in Queensland, where I used to live in the 1990’s, when suddenly I was in a hall in Peru, I was told the name of it and was standing doing mudras to all these people when a shaman came and put his hand down my central channel and I was back home again.
I never tried to teleport, I know I can do it and already have; it’s in divine will when it occurs. I used to ask my inner self why I could not just teleport to places as all the plane travel is a hassle. But got told it’s about the journey and that I needed to be in the airports, on the planes, or travelling in the car across the landscape. I also used to see the rips in the fabric of the matrix it would cause if I decided with my ego to teleport, but things have changed since those days.

More recently since the Stargate Opening mission I have been on since October 2013, I noticed after the first Stargate opened at Loch Insh in Scotland that one of the group who was present on the day, he and myself have linked up through the Stargate since and teleported to each other. The first time we did our contact through the Stargate I went to his home, I had never been there in the physical and was sitting on a chair in his lounge talking to him. We emailed afterwards, he lives in Wales, myself in New Zealand, and he felt me and understood our connection, then we continued at special times like new or full moons, and I was aware of being in his stone circle, sometimes I felt the rain and wind on my face, or the fire inside. I am not totally physical but enough to feel and know what is happening, he also comes to my place and I sense him around very strongly, but again not fully physical.

Since the Stargate Opening in Ladakh just after the June Solstice 2014 I have been becoming aware of a different way that teleporting is happening now, and that is by “Transfiguring”, as we are already everywhere at once, in our unified consciousness. Obviously one needs to have reached a certain level of awareness about who one is and their part in creation. Then we realise that we are projection of our thoughts anyway. So we can project ourself somewhere else, which will only happen if its in divine will and plan. But one is wise enough to understand this and not come from the old magician manipulating the energies scenario.
So it’s happening in a natural progression, we become our body of light more fully and have no chakras and can be in the higher dimensional worlds and still have ourself on earth as well. In this state we can easily be somewhere else if required. It may not need to be totally physical anymore like the old concept of teleportation as we operate in the higher dimensions anyway.

Anyone who is in unity consciousness is operating from at least their fifth dimensional body even though still eating and sleeping. So the need for the old way of teleporting leaves us, as we operate in the higher realms and from light cities of Earth already and the cycles have all merged, our multi-d selves have all merged and so we are aware of ourself in all spaces at once, the ones we need to, and also aware of our self there and energies are anchoring through us. If we need to converse then we do so telepathically and if it’s too a person who is more asleep and needs a more fuller transfiguration then that can happen but its more about us attaining the higher frequencies and light body of ourself in the cosmic flow. To grow one must trust from ones heart, not need magician’s tricks to believe.
When we own our divinity; then we are capable of anything, it’s so simple.

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