Galactic family 836


This is a general name that represents the first humanoid forms that spawn most of the humanoid forms in our Galaxy.
They a long, long time ago began doing all sorts of genetic alterations and blendings of their energy with different kinds of species to aid and assist in the natural evolutionary process that goes on within creation which sometimes is actually handled by actual beings making genetic alterations in other species. This is actually part, actually one of the evolutionary mechanisms that exist in creation along with the natural flow of genetic material along with the idea of quick shifts in mutation, the idea of actual genetic interjection from other species is one of the evolutionary mechanisms that exist, as you are experiencing now with the Grey Federation creating the Hybrid civilizations that they require to allow their culture to continue in the idea of the abduction phenomenology but also creating the Hybrids and awaking in us our hybridized connections, to aid and assist our civilisation  so we avoid going down the same negative path they went down and destroy our World.

But the idea of the proto-Sapiens is that they visited our World when there were the life forms we call the Dinosaurs and they extracted from many of those Zorian species  the genetic material to blend with their own to create what we now call the reptilian species that we encounter from time to time, so they are genetically related to us, earth humans, because they are from the same DNA pool that also spawned us on our planet.
However this idea also continued to evolve in a variety of ways that gave rise to the physical Sirius Civilization, that has been described as amphibious salamanders, so they also contain some of the original Proto-Sapien genetic material that connects them fully to our planet earth. So they are genetic family to us in many ways. And that is why the vibrational symbols will work well for us, by meditating on them to open up these genetic frequencies and tap into other members of the family spread amongst the stars, making connections that will help us function is a more holistic way on our own planet but also in regard to entering the Galactic  Alliance that we will eventually become a member of.