Creation of the Human species

Raphael channeled by Tyler Ellison
“There are different origin stories for the human body, different versions of the original human body all of them playing out in different worlds, different versions of earth and you’d understand it as actual off-world planets where the human experiment was also done utilising different elements. Humans in this way are not mated to the earth they also exist elsewhere in different reality frameworks.
Because of this broad spectrum of experience & origin points even though its really ONE development in the overall consciousness that is humanity crystallizing into earth. there is many different ways its done this on many different timelines. some of these timelines have gone in very unique directions and been highly positive, some have been highly negative and the idea is source allows for infinite variation of all events to exist to certain degrees in different parallel realities so source can see all perspectives because source is all perspectives.
The branch of our society on a different timeline which did go through it’s own awakening program had a particular origin story where alterations were made to different animal & plant consciousnesses and an original species of human was born which you’d understand to be less mammalian and much more plant based, this particular emanation / vibration allowed for similar themes in your & our current timelines to be able to unfold but were experienced very differently because levels of unity consciousness were maintained throughout the human people and their were certain agreements that were not made collectively in this timeline such as the interjection of negative constructs into the collective human belief. This was not chosen in this reality. As a result societies not only were versions such as Lemuria developed their were other societies that Lemuria expanded into that it did not expand into this timeline. What you call the Atlantean society in this unique timeline with a different origin in that way which you call human, this version of Atlantis was a direct extension of the Lemurian empire, that Lemurian empire did not go down the turns it went down in your timeline which we will save for another transmission. In this reality version of the timeline Lemuria expanded in the same timeframe of our contemporary version of Atlantis and as a result much of the technology that way built had much more levels of unity consciousness promoting it and as a result their was no need for secrecy amongst any of these esoteric pioneers such as myself but understand these beings did not have secrecy, their unity consciousness was very much linked to the earth but to a version of themselves that did not have the interjection, introduction of negative perspectives in to the collective belief system and as a result what you call the negative realities of Earth were NOT birthed here! But these beings always had constant awareness of the negative versions of Earth and all of the different variations because of their level of knowingness with the ALL.
So they were able to observe all this and say ‘Oh WoW look if we choose this option, we’ll go there. let’s choose this instead. They could also learn from these observations like we do from watching TV and as a result our society never actually crumbled, its actually one consistent human society that continued to evolve, it’s connected to other versions of Humans on other Worlds they are in constant communication and trade their has been reproduction with other humans on other earth’s with this unique version of our society in this timeline. So different versions of humanity was in this way able to interface with itself on earth understanding human’s birthed on other worlds had unique origin stories just as humans on the earth at this timeline have unique versions different to the unique version you have on your timeline and our timeline.
The reason this point-of-view exists is so your version of reality always has an unconditional positive point-of-view to shift too, no matter what! A core positive timeline with its variations of itself because there are infinite parallel reality versions of that timeline but when it splits too far off it actually becomes it’s own timeline.
So there’s a collective theme of unity consciousness of unconditional Love being the fabric of creation, because that’s what it is and this reality emanates its vibration with all it variations so your society will always have another physicalised version of earth to actually shift to as you become more yourselves more representative of who you are.  Not to say you’ll become a  splitting image of that society but you’ll create whatever the unique versions of you in THIS timeline choose to then create through its particular emanations and your imaginative emanations upon that to actually make it more representative of who you all are in this lifetime “
Many thanks to Tyler for allowing me to transcribe and promote his work in the context of this sites theme.
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