Easter island: Global X-Wave node – 999 trigger

This, most isolated of islands is a key, key node, when its ‘deplacement frequency’ is lifted a physical, tangible embodied transformation will Globally ensue.

The island received its modern name when a Dutch skipper, Jacob Roggeveen, happened across it on Easter Sunday 1722. (for numerologists: 4-5-1722=21=3). However the oldest known name translates to: ‘The Navel (Center) of the World.’ (Te Pito o Te Henua).

Easter or Navel Island are extremely apt for this 100sq km (63 sq Miles) landmass, literally in the middle of no-where. It’s nearest land neighbour, is a whopping 2,250km (1400 miles) away, and even that island is uninhabited! So, in the sense that the definition of ‘island’, is one surrounded by a ‘body’ of water, and if we include that as part of that equation, then this island is the worlds largest ‘body’, by a long, long way.
No one has really understood water and its workings, we often quote we’re made of 70% water. Although atomically we’re 99.999% space. Space or essence is masquerading within a flexible matrix called water as our body-form. Water-Moon is often equated as our feelings.

Both Easter and Navel have resurrection & rebirth connotations. Life after Death.
Indeed this is our Worlds umbilical cord, embraced by the Great birthing waters, the place of first Breath and as such it is indelibly linked to Arcturus, the gateway & Guardian to this realities embryo harmonic.

Zorac – Channel “ Easter Island is Earths Air-Water planetary modulator point. World Oversoul and Gaia-Earth moderate the Global blueprint, consciousness template, here. The inner-outer feedback between the two is then updated via Oxygen as Sky-Air-Breath-belief-thought-action and Oxygen as luna-water-emotion-feeling-form. The Ocean stores the sum total of the ‘past’ experiences and projects forwards the actions and themes to be played out in ‘form’, in the ‘present’.
A displacement device was inserted here, of ET origins, which creates a ‘partition’. Waking and Dreaming states lie on either side of it. This allows for the idea of a deeper state of ‘waking’ disconnection to be experinced while maintaining Galatic ET ‘sleep’ interconnectedness.
Easter island is connected to all main energetic ley lines as well as to every civilisation of past and future. MU, Atlantis and the coming 4th Density Earth are all junctured here.
The 7, red hatted, Ahu Akivi statues relate to the displacement device and those who placed it there. They act as Guardians and filter in a specific way the 7 seven rays, 7 planetary solar bodies, and 7 Chakras. (see Mecca Depolarised)
It is here at Easter island, when the displacement device is removed, that the full range of rays and planetary bodies will have a tangible effect on humanity, Waking and Sleeping realities will begin to merge, as one ‘awake’ state. ET contact and a broader knowing of our ancestory, our origins will ensue”

Look for an Easter Island signal.