Aluna III (25 Sept 15)

The third of three Total Lunar Eclipse gatherings. To take place either-side of the 28th September 2015, the date of the total Lunar Eclipse – the Retreat will bring together the frequencies of the two previous retreats, creating an ‘X’,  octave of cosmic connection.

4 day event – Taking Place in Aquas Claras (Clear Waters), Pinar Del Rio, CUBA.

The ‘river of pines’ is located 160km West of Havana. All land transport headed to ‘Vinales’ passes through it. Aguas Claras is a small, ‘Egyptian Themed’, country resort/hotel approx.. 4km pass Pinar on the Vinales road.

I’m drawn to this area due to the ‘Pineal’ carvings that adorn almost everywhere, add in the many Egyptian symbols that join them and the obvious Atlantian connection and bingo!

Aluna 3 is focused on Pineal activation, union of the two half’s of the brain, and general integration of the 3rd physical strand of DNA. Symbolized by the II , who single non-touching lines, crossing, to form an ‘X’. Reinforcing that the third strand is ‘balance’ and union of the two, thus becoming a third. Also welcoming PLUTO into the play, the great rejuvenator. The energy that; cracks the egg for a chick, that ejects a birdling from its nest so that it may fly, that breaks the water prior to birth, the Great transformer.

E.T – Non physical contact. this is a follow on from Aluna 2, whereby a large and naturally shaped ET shaped rock was present, heralding the ET frequency descending into physical matter during Aluna 3 or X.

(Aluna I)  (Aluna II)