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Bashar – Unofficial Bio & warning

When Daryl Anka (d.o.b: 12th Oct .1951), first began channeling ‘Bashar’,  the airwaves were beating to the sound of Michael Jackson’s ‘Billy Jean’,  the first compact disc (CD)  went on sale,  Bjorn Borg  retired from tennis and McDonald’s, ‘McNugget’,  was born.

Some 33+ years ago in 1983, following two earlier UFO sightings within one week of each other and then while attending a channeling course, the entity that was later to be called ‘Bashar’ came through in a meditative state.  Daryl recognized he had agreed to act as a biological telephone for this counter-being, and so the journey began.

The name ‘Bashar’ which means ‘Deliverer of good news’, in Arabic, also fits well with Daryl’s Arabic genes, where the name is derived. However the label is more for the benefit of humans, as the Sassani, from the planet Essassani, where ‘Bashar’ heralds from, do not use names as they are entirely telepathic.

According to ‘Bashar’ the ‘biological telephone’ link has been effected because He and Darryl Anka are actually the same person. Bashar is Darryl’s future self.  By spending a lifetime within the ‘target’ civilisation, a ‘first contact specialist’, is able to easily interpret and comprehend concepts  which would otherwise be beyond an ET’s ability to understand.

In the 5th dimension and above; past, present and future exist  simultaneously.  A being in that realm could if the wished experience Lunch and then later breakfast, depending on how they wished to arrange their ‘Now’ moment of life.  If they were watching a movie, they are not at liberty to experience it linearly from beginning to end, as we are. They can ‘view’ it in any order they pleased, experiencing the ending before the beginning, if they like, depending on what is most enjoyable to them.

If we expand on this version of reality, and incorporate the idea that an individual Spirit can have hundreds and thousands of embodied lives, then from an Essassani perspective they can experience any past or future life at any moment and with a bit of practice, have been able to experience multiple lives concurrently.  Its by harnessing this ability that the ‘Bashar’ communicates through  Daryl Anka.

Bashar communicates via images which are interpreted into a 2-way conversation by utilizing the vocal cords & hearing of Darryl Anka. When a person verbally asks Darryl Anka a question, he as the human receiver, collects the words and turns them into images which ‘Bashar’ receives.  Daryl can only function as an ET telephone in the language he comprehends. If a questioner speaks in French or Swahili he is unable to translate it to Bashar.  However Bashar is constantly scanning the speaker, energetically, as well as the audience, this is what allows his responses to be so insightful.

Bashar does not ‘possess’ Darryl,  rather they match each others vibration and ‘tel-empathy’ happens. Similar how two tuning forks harmonize. (below)

‘Bashar’ is often a flux of multiple entities, many from other worlds and dimensions beyond Essassani, ‘Willa, The Fox’, ‘Epsilon‘ and his Father are recent examples. Daryl’s Sassani double, a first contact specialist, from a 3000 year family lineage of such specialists (see contradictions), does a great  job in cleaning up the ‘translations’ of these diverse entities, many with thick accents. Quite amazing how telepathic images create accents.

First contact emblem: subject of a copyright content removal request. (overlapping triangle with central swirl).

Essassani first contact motto:

“Though minds may be different, though body forms may be different, it is through the heart that we recognize our spirits are one.”

At the other end of the telephone, ‘Bashar’ often conducts transmissions from his, solo operated, scout ship (triangular shape 30ft – 9m each side, in size).  Which is in proximity to a much larger, city sized, cylinder shaped, mother ship called ‘Solar Wind’ some 5miles – 9km in length , that is currently hovering (Geo-stationary orbit) anywhere between 2500 and 1000 miles above Earth (usually Cairo or Sedona) , in a different spectrum, which is not visible to us as yet.  Bashar has stated that his ships distance to Earth corresponds to our closeness of ET contact. (Dec 2014: 1000 miles above Sedona, Sept 2016: 975 miles). A larger ‘exploratory’ ship,  triangular shaped 300ft or 90m in length on each side, is also used. (Limitations Unlimited Sept. 2017)

During a channeling session, Bashar reclines into the ship itself, which is a physical embodiment of his higher mind.  During a transmission, hundreds of millions of Sassanis and other civilizations can be listening in 🙂

Bashar’s Essassani civilisation is part of an ‘interstellar alliance’ which comprises 557 planetary worlds.  However there are other ‘interstellar alliance’s’ that they are also aware of, which are composed of more of less planets.  Currently, (as of June 2014) the Essassani are aware, overall, of: 11,678 worlds , however this number is constantly expanding as they and other alliances become aware of new civilizations.

Warning:  Bashar could very likely be an elaborate thought form dishing out titbits of delightful esoteric wisdom in guise of massaging a transhuman agenda into the minds and hearts of humanity.  In light of Essassani robotic moons, Bashar’s race seems to be  a synthetic  creation of the Greys, who according to Barbara Marciniak  ‘carry out the work of the Reptilian Annunaki’. Educator & rememberer Matias de Stefano, notes Reptilians do not have feelings & empathy as mammalian born humans do, thus genetic experimentation on humans is actioned without much care for our species.

Bashar constantly spins the alien abduction of children in a positive light, as something Humans have agreed upon on another level  yet which they do not remember. Here we must note, the first rule of invasion is deception, thus one should NOT read anything into this ‘suggestion’ from bashar.  The massive disappearance of children on Earth is according to channeler ‘Barbara Marciniak ‘ part of this Hybrid agenda of breeding a Human race less and less biological and more and more synthetic, which is far more controllable by the ‘returning’ Annunaki.

Please watch the first 2.5 mins of the Sasha stone presented Video clip: https://rumble.com/v1fhqyn-there-were-giants-hidden-history-with-sasha-stone-pt2..html


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