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Anastasia & ET’s – Ringing Cedars

For contrast sake, I feel it’s appropriate to include information from the hugely successful ‘Ringing Cedar series of books by  Vladimir Megre.  Anastasia (book 4 Co-Creation, chapter 22 Other Worlds) describes how a particular civilization of ET’s create children:


This World clearly differs from Bashar’s description of Essassani, as the People have hair, men even grow mustaches, and their world is devoid of vegetation.  She explains how they employ egg shaped machines that have arms like an octopus that penetrate into their surface sucking up minerals & materials to create any item from a mentally inputted image. These ET’s have  No feelings or emotions., their brains work almost entirely logically. Perhaps that’s Closer to how the Grey’s became.

They differ again from Bashar’s race as they speak, albeit is a Morse code sort of dialect.

In chapter 23, we read how they are preparing for first contact with Earth :


And they wish to settle…..:

She is even able to give Vladimir a picture of how the future will turn out post contact:
anastasia4anastasia5Well this is interesting as it perhaps explains partly the world  we’re already in and how moronic it is when we solely live to work.
Her revelations become more pessimistic now, however she does bring it back to ones own belief in themselves.