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Earth’s Hybrid Family Tree

The ‘hybridization program’ AKA (alien abduction) that Bashar has talked about via the channel Daryl Anka, is a breeding plan hatched between ourselves (Earth Humans) and  an ET (mutated/parallel earth) race called ‘The Greys‘,  who are assisted in this by another ‘overseerer’ race who inhabit a planet approx. 39 light years away, in the Zeta Reticulum.  We, according to Bashar, are the part parents of 5 hybrid races already! and will partake in 2 more before we’re done.  Just as a Man and Woman are complimentary opposites, so are Humans and the Greys, we developed an individual consciousness whereas they developed a collective one and via our genetic offspring these qualities are being blended (a bit like grafting plants) and expressed creating whole Worlds and civilizations, with unique expressions of physicality and consciousness.

The whole idea of a race carrying out genetic alterations on  another species, may sound quite morbid and ‘frankenstein-ish’  However Bashar points out this is actually one of the legitimate evolutionary mechanisms that exist in creation along with the natural flow of genetic material and the idea of quick shifts in mutation.  He also adds,  that on an ‘Over soul’ level we actually agreed to be apart of this Hybrid program.

The Greys, who are US on a parallel Earth, which overly tinkered with technology and destroyed their ability to reproduce and for their Earth to support them, were by necessity forced to look for fresh streams of Human DNA on parallel versions of Earth, which is how they came upon us.  During their process of recreating themselves via the breeding of hybrid races, they realised that many versions of parallel Earths were doing the same as they had (more info here), and about to destroy their own version of planet Earth, so they are beginning to help us to see this negative pattern so we avoid going down the same negative path they went down and destroy our World. The Essassani are one Hybrid race assisting us and enabling me to write this information down for you to read and discover more, and more of why we are here and what we have chosen to experience and how we can best fulfill our chosen purpose here.

As pointed out  The Essassani are helping a lot and now with the recent Epsilon transmission, things are expected to accelerate.

If you would like to explore more of the family please read about the star systems assisting us, Sirius, Orion, Arcturus, the Annunaki, Pleiades, protosapiens and hypersapiens.

The Hybrid races, now and to come

7th – 1000+ years hence, all 6 hybrid races form to create a breathtaking seventh, of unimaginable qualities.7th Hybrid race 8366th – Homo luminoso / Galactica. (masters of limitation ).
Beginning soon, and for the next 1000 years. Earth is populated with an initial pool of Hybrids (called the ‘freelancers’  ) who have a high degree of human genetics, they currently live on ships in a different dimension, connecting with their human parents via the dream states.  After we shift to 4th density, they will reunite with their human parents, later mixing with our current crop of Earth children who have dormant 5th dimensional (4th density) DNA  to eventually create the 6th hybrid race. on Earth, that will flourish over the next 1000 years.  Homo luminoso.
Earth is undergoing the fusion of hybrid E.T. DNA, in order to evolve and expand in consciousness.  We have for thousands of years interbred, and now is the time we have chosen to leap into the next stage of our growth and to do this we need an upgraded physical body capable on embodying higher vibrations of Light.

333 Hybrid Children, the majority of which will be Teenagers, will be brought to Earth in the 1st Phase post 2020. Each phase will bring younger children as the ‘way is paved’. Younger children require more learning, training & integration to fit in with Earth Society.

6th Hybrid race - violet star5th – ‘The Yahyel’ also known as ‘The Shalinaya ‘ (“those who will come first”)  .  Yup, These will be our first ET, eyeball to eyeball  visitors. They are also the most human looking in appearance, whereas the 1st Hybrid race has the least human looking in.  Their ships are the ones most spotted as UFO sightings.  Their Flag, or ‘energy symbol signature’, is a white pentagon, set on a black background, with a green dot in the middle.  Their ships are housing our ‘freelancer’ kids.5th Hybrid - Yahyel race

4th – No name given as yet.apart from their symbol below.4th Hybrid Race - gold dotBashar referred to a certain group of them acting as guides & guardians to our Hybrid children as they adapt, mostly in secret, to life on Earth. (Mom & Dad 2016 opening monologue) . They clearly physically visit and stay on our planet for extended periods, they appear to act as Human 3D interface instructors to the first wave of  Earth based Hybrid children.

3rdThe ‘Essassani’, (place of living light) but since mid 2013 called: ‘Eshakani ‘, due to a shift in resonance from the 5th dimension, which is the final dimension of full physicality, to a new Quasi-Physical state that is the hallmark of the 6th dimension or 5th density.   Bashar, the first contact specialist which much of this information is flowing via, is one of the approx 230 million inhabitants of this planet, although mostly they inhabit city sized ships.  They evolve 10 times faster that than we do on earth. The average life span of an Essassani is 30 of our years or 300 of there’s.  They are small in height, about 5ft, of frail build, larger eyes than ours, whitish complexion (although they have exceptions), Mongolian  sort of look, males have no hair, women do. They are telepathic and do not speak now, they also do not eat, drink or poo.  They create offspring without physical contact via an energy bubble created between a male & female. They have a 25 hour day, but a year lasts for 454 days, due to have a hotter Sun and thus a wider and cooler orbit around it.  Their green planet has a very small axis tilt ensuring their climate is constantly steady, only varying a few degrees either way from 22oC. all year round.  Their oxygen is a little richer than ours, we’d be a little light headed until we adjusted, but could live their just fine with very little adjustment. They do not have a natural moon, but the Grey’s created a 3, x 75mile diameter artificial moons, that act like  3 orbiting supercomputers in regulating and stabilizing their entire collective consciousness.  They call their moons: Epsilon, Epiphany & Eclipse and on June 20th 2014, they actually spoke through Daryl Anka and announced they were now assisting in accelerating our shift, by manipulating the resonance of our Earth via our moon and artificially engineered ‘mass-cons’ that had previously been planted there.  Beyond their genetic humanoid connection, they are also along with Sirius  in a unique planetary oversoul relationship with our Earth. Forming a (Earth, Essassani, Sirius)  triad, which acts as a singular consciousness at another level, whereby it connects to another triad with: Arcturus  (37 light years) Polaris (430 light years away).  Due to their elevated dimension we cannot see their planet, but if we could it would be approx 500 light years in the direction of the Orion constellation.

Their flag or signature energy is this triangle:

3rd Hybrid Essassani race2nd – No information at this time apart from symbol.2nd Hybrid race1st – No information at this time,  apart from being similar in  appearance to the Greys and of a singular consensus consciousness.1st Hybrid raceThe Greys, were actually the same as us but mutated themselves over time as they followed a path of biological and intellectual perfection which eventually backfired on them. more information here.Grey Federation 836Bashar on 12th September 2015 – Sedona Vortex Array,  displayed a new set of Hybrid symbols, which although not stated, likely relate to each  world’s  individual resonance, here are the 6 symbols:

1st Hybrid world vibration 2nd Hybrid world vibration 4th Hybrid world vibration Yahyel symbol 5th Hybrid world vibration 6th Hybrid world vibration

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