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The Seven Neutral Needs (Sept 9th 2017)

Bashar laid this transmission out in a bullet point manner as he did with the exceptional ‘9 levels of consciousness’.

His monologue clears up any ambiguity around ones ‘purpose’. previously he had stated that one was already having their maximum effect on reality.  Implying that an individual did not need or require a societal display of celebration or acknowledgement to prove this.

Point 7 on his list below, clearly spells out that a reflection of ones uniqueness is a requirement of living life.

Bashar states these seven ‘Basic needs‘ are a requirement ‘ for you to exist. To experience physical reality.’ Strongly reinforcing that by inferring  a lack of any one would KILL us overtime.

1) AIR

2) Water

3) Sleep  & Dream

4) Food – nutrition (breatharian are the exception to the rule)

5) Shelter – or beneficial environment – cave etc.

6) Connection – relationship (rock, animals, plant, God , all-that-is)

7) Personal Unique Creative expressionwhich allows you To shine, your spirit to be counted, to be seen, felt, known, understood. Your purpose is to be YOU. Your passion is an expression of your purpose. The frequency of your passion is who you actually are. Your essential self.

He also suggested this list should always be referred back to if ones life should suddenly goes off-the rails as a sort of ‘clarifying system’. “When you’re in a situation deciding which state-of-being is most beneficial to be in, use the 7 neutral needs to go back to a ground ‘0’ state.

During the monologue he rehashed some of his most profound and often used statements:

“Surrender is not giving up control.Surrender is giving over to the control you already have built in. Surrender is giving up on thinking that the ego has to control everything.”

“Your natural state is NON-physical. You never leave SPIRIT. You’re just dreaming that you have. You’re having a dream in Spirit, that you’re NOT Spirit. That’s what physical reality is, its just a FOCUS.”

“TIME is just a side effect of your consciousness experiencing things in a certain way so you can have the experience you call physical reality, which is just a dream within your consciousness.”

NEGATIVE EGO – he talked about how this kicks back when its overloaded, shifting from Positive to negative, from working with one to against one.

“The Ego is suppose to focus you on your physical experience and go along for the ride. That’s all its designed to do. That’s all it NEEDS to do. Don’t burden the EGO with more than it was designed to handle. Otherwise it can get– crutchety, and then it turns into the NEGATIVE EGO, ”

he speaks from the perspective of the negative Ego:

you overload me like a slave and I start not liking you very much. So here’s a few dirty tricks , now you’re going to think, ‘that you need to have this’, when its just a want. See if you like it. When I overburden you, with the things you over burden me with.

Earlier Bashar, talked of the difference between ‘wants’ and ‘needs’ , and here he shows how damaging a ‘want’ can be in turning an Ego from Good to Bad. ‘Needs’ are positive, however the skill is determining the difference between the two.  Thus the list is a ‘tool’ to help one reset themselves if they become lost in ‘Wants’.