Sister Owl

I Glide through humanities dream-time reality. seeing perfectly in the dark  and humanities shadow side – helping to illuminate  and bring light to that hidden side of ourselves.  All creatures here to assist humanity through infinite love regardless of the atrocities committed to them by us.   Whether you connect with One owl, know you are connecting with a collective soul of that animals past & future.

exercise opening up your perception to Spirit:

Put your hands on to you heart and feel it beat. become aware via your imagination while feeling your heart beat, of the center of your Earth. Simultaneously hold those two, your beating heart and the center of the earth. Now imagine you are feeling your heart beat as the center of the earth. Imagine the beating of your Hearth is emanating from the center of the earth. Imagine the earth is actually the thing beating your heart.  Hold this awareness for as long as you like.

You will find this rapidly opens up your point-of-view to your reality with the inter-connectivity with the earth itself.  This will reintegrate your heart center with that of the earths heart center, which is your natural state which you have been disconnected from. Because it simply hasn’t been taught although our native societies use to teach it.  The earth is your HUB to memory and your questions, it is the manifestor of all of your desires, everything you want & need comes from your Earth.  Do not disconnect yourself from your Earth, it is the source of your life. I know you are a multidimensional being that cannot dies, I am talking about your body. and its ability to stay in the physical reality framework.  You access the spiritual reality by embracing the matrix of physical reality which is Gaia, The Earth by doing this your consciousness will evolve ten fold.

I want you to know the answers are below your feet. and you’ll find you’ll be looking back at yourself because you’ll be looking at yourself!

partial transcript of Tyler Ellison : full audio – Tyler Ellison’s Youtube page