Atlantean vs Modern language

Atlantean Language compared to Human language – channeled by Tyler Ellison
“In Atlantis we utilized spoken vocabulary in our society just like you do, different languages though similar to a hybrid between some of your tonal Asian languages and some of the soothing vibrational aspects of your romance languages, it was a combination of these two that took our language into a high frequency version and this had to do to the level of consciousness we were at through utilizing tones and the normal vibrational sounds associated as the general aspects of the letter and the flowing of letters together again to create sounds of relaxation. It enabled our society to shift more into unity consciousness over time, however again this is going to point some fingers into the idea of your perception of words and their power
Human language and words do not have any power except what an individual puts into it. The idea is your brains have been wired in a particular way which causes you to apply your languages in a manner that’s slightly inappropriate, understand when these words are spoken often times your society members listen with the brain and as a result it has a stronger impact on your neural pathways so a ‘spell’ effect of a word is in fact the mishearing of the word using the brain as the primary tool so what ends up happening is the frequency the word is in, in combination with whatever feeling is its invoking in the person who’s hearing it goes directly to the brain and begins to crave neural pathways and this is done when a person listens with just the brain. when a person can listen with the Heart you slow down that process of the integration of concepts because you’re stepping outside of time so you’re able to sit back and look at the emanations the words are revealing and from here different meanings, different interpretations, different understandings can be applied in a way that breaks the spell many people project the words to have. The idea is it seems to be a control mechanism because people are instantaneously crystallizing their own fear in resonance with the word by utilizing the brain as the primary means of interactions”