Autism – the Ultimate Specialists

Bashar shares his insight as to why an individual may choose an Autistic life.
It’s worth contemplating just how Autistic individuals will serve Humanity as our collective limitation experience draws to an end and the shift to an integrated, 4th density, civilisation begins. Are they serving as potent ‘transformational booster rockets‘ catalyzing and guiding us into a new dimension?
Bashar : “The general condition can have many reasons, some of which may stem from reincarnational lives, some of which may not have to.
But the general idea is of a high focus in a specific direction of intention at the sake of everything else, every other connection, every other direction, every other focus. It is the turning inward into a specific world, a specific dimension of the imagination and the exploration of a highly concentrated, limitational focus. Sometimes this is the continuation/playing out of things from other lives, sometimes it is what an individual desires to experience in this life, simply knowing there is only one or two things they need to be aware of and so they have created an existence that simply allows them to focus on those one or two things, they have not considered anything else in a sense to be that important.
It can be of great service to other individuals  in creating communication bonds telempathetically with these people, to be able to have access to these dimensional worlds they are focused upon.
Sometimes the idea of autism is a symbolic representation of the lack of willingness of communicative ability that exists in your society as well. So an individual may chose to represent that format to allow other individuals to attempt, to get to them, in any way they can and teach your society in general that much more about all the different ways you can discover communication occurring between you,  so that you will expand all your methodologies of communication.
Now your dolphin consciousness is very good at communicating with these individuals because they already reach them telepathically and they treat them, accept them, as they are. They simply send them unconditional Love.
autism understand us
And one of the ideas, that what you call; Autism, to exist in your World is to allow individuals to express that unconditional Love, to allow more intimacy  in their communication, because intimacy, closeness, physical touching, and Love are usually the ways that allow an Autistic person to realise  that there is another World around them.
There are many, many reasons for the creation of that idea (autism)  but basically it is a turning inward into a particular dimensional plane at the expense of everything else, that a ‘generalist’ usually chooses to experience in Life. They are in many ways the Ultimate specialists.
In many ways they represent seeds bound up and ready to explode in many different directions at once. The extreme limitation they exhibit, once released, will release in an explosion of high connection into almost every direction in your society. They are in a sense potential ‘generalists’ of High Order, High frequency, High magnitude expressing what you generally term ‘Genius’ in another way, not that you are not all geniuses which you are.” Bashar (
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