Quasi-Physical building blocks

There are 6 physical and 3 non-physical solids (structures that have faces that are equal to every other face).

These forms make up the underlying templates of physical
reality, micro-cosmically and  macro-cosmically, both big and small. Energy relationships in our universal matrix; physically, etherically and inter-dimensionally are molded according to these patterns.

Below is a Braarudosphaera. the small white line, bottom left-hand side within the image represents a measurement of One micrometer which is, one millionth of a meter (one thousandth of a millimeter, 0.001 mm)

BraarudosphaeraPlato is credited with recognising the first 5 physical solids.

PlatonicSolidsThe missing physical solid is another 12 faced dodecahedron, called the  rhomboidal dodecahedron, (below image), consisting of  12 x diamond shapes whereas the one above is a pentagonal dodecahedron.

rhomboid dodecahedronMeaning the 6th physical Solid is now the 20 sided Icosahedron.

The next three  polyhedral forms are inter-dimensional and generally accessible  to us once we shift to the 4th density state (when everything will change).

The last physical solid, the twenty sided Icosahedron, represents a physical doorway from 3rd density to the 4th by linking with the : Twenty dimensional, Tetragramaton (hyper-pyramid).  Twenty faces (outward) + Twenty dimensions (inward), the symbiotic resonant bridge to higher dimensional reality.

To conjurer up an idea of the Tetragramaton,  imagine our first physical solid,  a four-sided  pyramid as big as a Tipi-house, with four openings on each side.  Now should one person  only enter through each side of the tetrahedron. ie: One person walks in from the basement and three others enter through each of the three side walls, we will end up with four people in the center of the tetrahedron in 3rd density reality.


Now to imagine a hyper-dimensional tetragramaton , realise each of the previous four people will enter the four sides as before but this time they won’t see each other in the center, even though they all entered each side of the structure at the same time.  Because in a ‘tetragramaton’  each side represents an entirely new and independent dimensional reality in exactly the same place, for each dimension overlaps the other but do not touch. A tetragramaton  consists of twenty dimensions, because each side of the tetrahedron is a complete tetrahedron, imagine 4 complete tetrahedrons overlapping inside each other plus the original tetrahedron = 5 total x 4 sides each = 20 dimensions.

The next Inter-dimensional polyhedral is the Hyper-Cube or Tesseract. Again similar to the second physical solid, the cube, except that every side represents a different dimension, like the tetragramaton before. Thus each face of the cube represents an entire 6 sided cube, of which each side is also separate dimension. So we have the original square box with six sides that are of themselves another six boxes, so in total seven overlapping cubes with six sides = 42 dimensions.

Each of these dimensions although overlapping do not experience each other. e.g. there could be a swimming pool in one and a football pitch in another but neither would experience the other.   in just the same way that anything outside our visible light spectrum we do not register, its invisible, but it doesn’t mean it’s not there, its just that we can’t perceive it.

Here is a 3D depiction of a Hypercube, the rotation is necessary to impart the fact that each side is a unique cube.

The last Hyper-dimensional solid is actually the first of the physical solids, The Sphere.

SphereAs a physical solid it represents the ‘Void’, because no matter ones angle of relationship to it, it is always the same symmetry. One will always be in the same place they started. the ‘Zero’ point. So this is the starting point for the Platonic Solids. The ‘0’ coming before the 4 sided-tetrahedron.

As an inter-dimensional Sphere, a ‘Hyper-Sphere’, it represents infinite expression.  For every point on the Sphere is a totally different dimension incorporating an entirely unique reality Sphere.

These 10 foundational scales of Universal Reality are understood to form the entire idea of Zero to Infinity.

The correlation of  the final three non-physical, inter-dimensional, solids (that make up our dream realities) and the Epsilon Triad (Essassani Oversoul) role of stabilising Essassani’s balance between physicality and non-physicality,  waking life and dreaming life, sheds more light onto the role they play and the nature of our shift to 4th density :

“we are also a physicalisation, literally, of the template level reality so they always have access to it in whatever way, shape, or form serves them best  and we are a stabilising influence in that way that allow them to find the way to balance the lucidity of their dream life into the lucidity of their physical life and we are that, that acted as a catalyst and stabilising  energy and vibrational resonance pattern that ultimately allow them stability in the quasi-physcial  reality in which they now exist, that is both Real and Dream, physical and quasi.” Epsilon transmission 2