The Annunaki

The Annunaki

Energy ‘contact’ symbol,  vibrational telephone number. (Black background – Gold Wings, red & blue)
The Blue energy field, represents the propulsion system of their ancient ships, which were similar to a flying disc.
The golden wings were retractable for space travel , and extended for gliding, steering and landing within  the atmosphere of our planet.
The main purpose for visiting Earth was the collection of Gold and other minerals, which were used to alter the weather patterns of their own planet  and make adjustments to their energy fields.
The group assigned to go to Earth and bring back those minerals, were assigned to do that job themselves. However this task became difficult for them to do on their own, so they believed what they needed was ‘a work force’ to aid and assist them.
Knowing that there was a naturally formed indigenous being (Homo-Erectus) on the planet that was similar to them they understood they could genetically alter it, upgrade it, to something more similar to themselves. And by creating that (Homo Sapien ) ‘force’ to extract the Gold and minerals in the mines that they required.
The Annunaki over time developed a long term relationship with them, even to the extent of companionship, many years after that.
 The Annunaki
This begun some 500,000 Earth years ago in the areas of the middle east and African Continent.
Those Earth beings not altered by the Annunaki eventually evolved into the beings we now call Sasquatch (big foot/yeti).
They had a closer relationship to nature and developed abilities and skills, which we genetically have but haven’t utilised due to the Annunaki mix,   which allowed them to enter inter dimensional states and shift from parallel reality to parallel realty, which is why they are so difficult to find when they don’t want to be found.
Our modified species overtime started to intermingle with the Annunaki, and these created natural births of beings which in our earth legends have come to call; Demi-Gods. (Half-Gods).
The Annunaki were much taller than we were, and lived for thousands of years, their genetics allowed our forefathers to be taller than we are now and live for longer, hundreds of years. However those genes are being opened and activated due to the new vibrations of Earth, and we will get taller and live longer, eventually up to 300 years.
The Annunaki also contained a mixture themselves of different races, which we also by default inherited. Proto-sapiens, the precursor of ALL human forms in our Galaxy.

The branch ofAnnunaki that created ‘Homo Sapiens’ from ‘Homo-Erectus’ were not actually suppose to tinker with the genetics of the planet so when the main council of theAnnunaki realised they had done so, had created a new race of intelligent human beings, they weren’t very happy about it and recalled thatAnnunaki

contingent from the Earth and in many ways left us to our own devices, allowing us to evolve on our own with some degree of guidance, having felt somewhat responsible for our creation due to it not being apart of their original plan.  So visits from time to time happened, and as such are depicted in our lore as visits from Angels and Gods in the Sky, leading, teaching and guiding in a variety of ways allowing us to  develop into our own civilisation, allowing us to take over some of the old cities that had been created and become the Kings of old, although the Annunaki blood line coursed strongly through their veins.  You see this in the ancient 10 kings of Atlantis,  in Lemurian times, and in to relative modern times as you still remember Egypt having Kings and then pharaohs, but all this goes back to the ‘blue bloods’ and royal lines that trace all the way back to the idea of the Annunaki, who were actually slightly, slightly blueishly tinged.
the-ancient-egyptian-wingSo the blue blood line was seen as the purist line in that way but Earth humans all contain Annunaki genetics, but there might be some here and there, more directly related in direct lineages to some of those ancient genes.
After a while the Earth had contingents of humans creating their own civilisations, mostly guiding themselves with a little bit of input here and there from ET and extra dimensional beings teaching them how to open up their consciousness to tap into source to draw down and download  information from a variety of sources, then eventually humanity was pretty much left on its own to see if they would arrive at a certain point where they could then reconnect with the idea of extra terrestrial and extra-dimensional beings which would show that they were ready for the next stage of evolution to/could occur.
Humanity would NOT have developed the idea of Religion (worshiping a higher power above) had the Anunnaki not intervened in the way they did.
The Annunaki themselves evolved beyond the confines of this Galaxy, and now inhabit the Andromeda Galaxy., which will eventually merge with the Milky Way Galaxy in the far future. Read about the Tall Whites, the Hypersapiens.

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