vesica_piscis - moon-sun

Vesica Piscis – self-reflected creation

“Consciousness knows itself, and in knowing itself, reflecting upon itself what is called a Vesica Piscis is created, and in that intersection of the reflection of consciousness on itself is created a different density of consciousness and that different density is what you call energy and in the energy is the vibration, that is representative of the intention of the consciousness reflecting on itself. – its a self-reflected creationBashar

The appearance of two pronuclei is the first sign of successful fertilization.   (“Consciousness manifests energy and in the energy matrix-medium there is vibration” )  Vibration = Life

VP pronucleiThe Vesica Piscis, appears in many Crop Circles:

VP crop circle

vesica - crop circleThe Vesica Piscis, also very apparent in the forming of the ‘eye’ – our perception of reality and also our birth into physical reality – the ‘Yoni‘ doorway that we all pass through individually and cosmically.
eye crop circle c


“What you are is vibrating consciousness, vibrating energy, you are a resonance, a frequency, a pitch of energy. That is your unique signature vibration and whatever you define that to be, will be the experience that you allow yourself to have, as a reflection back to you. Physical reality doesn’t exist outside of you, it exists inside of you. Physical reality is just an illusion, just a reflection.” Bashar

Thus the Vesica Piscis is how we create the idea of ourselves: Our senses are constantly reflecting back our seed intention.  By realising this, that my reality is not outside myself, I become centered as the creator and experiencer of it.  As Bashar points out:

“If you see yourself in a mirror, you know its a reflection, you know you’re not over there – its just an illusion that your image is appearing in the mirror (on the other-side of the room). You know you’re not really there.

At this point its futile to prop up the Old orientation, where I passively interact with my reality,  based on the ‘reflection’ making me happy, of course the reflection can NEVER make me happy until I am.  The Vesica Piscis is the recognition that I am the generator of my own happiness. The to and fro of duality, finally stabilized as a trinity.

This is the activation of the 3rd strand DNA, the etheric intersection from  where one can create their physical reality based around their intent-imagination.

vesica piscis white/red

Interesting combination, Yoni and Phallus, depicted in the 555ft x 55ft – Washington Monument,



Vesica Piscis – Imagination Exercise

Try visualising the two circles apart at first, which make up  ‘duality’: one representing: negative, black, Lunar, feminine,  and the other:  Positive, white, Solar, masculine. Feel into each one.

Bring the 2 circles together, feeling the energies as they mix together, in the overlap that is the Vesica Piscis , feel into that new place and bring that through your central spin, from the top of your head to the base of your feet and vice versa.

life is a mirror and the Vesica Piscis is THE MIRROR.