Aluna I (5 Oct 14)

We are holding three :Total Lunar Eclipse gatherings, which embrace all the Total lunar Eclipses before the Fall of 2016. (8th Oct 2014, 4th April 2015 & 28th Sept 2015)

Aluna I =  The Total Lunar Eclipse of  8th October 2014.

Event Focus: Unveiling of Simultaneity

when: Sunday 5th October to Saturday 11th October

Where: Cuba (aka Atlantis) – Havana to Havana – 4 days in Faro Luna (lunar lighthouse) South central coast of Cuba.  (US citizens read this)

Event focus:

* Understanding the 9 levels of consciousness (linking: Soul – Higher Mind – Physical mind) .  Higher and Physical Mind in Balanced relationship. Shaping the physical blueprint.

* Vesica Piscis –  How we create a reflective reality

*Swim with Dolphins , state-of-being – fluid flow workshop, Essassani & Sirius 4th density exercises, teleportation & Parallel reality workshops, Aluna-Soul redesign intensive,  conscious breathing,  group interaction,  free time to swim, meditate, relax and integrate.

Cuba - dolphins

Price:  guideline US$100 per day (accommodation, meals & transfers) Paid on arrival Cuba.

This is an opportunity for like minded people to come together, to co-create,  celebrate, ignite and reflect each others  Joy and passion.  Surf the waves of Luna awareness, Resonate and accelerate your idea of creativity and excitement.

I will be in Cuba from 1st September, those who have time to arrive earlier,  do so. please email for specific details.

The overwhelming majority of US passport holders who visit Cuba do so unofficially via Cancun, Toronto or Mexico City and other Caribbean islands. Cuba does not stamp passports on arrival or departure, so there is no official record of Visiting Cuba. more info re: Official and non-official ways to visit Cuba: here

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