Arcturus 8th density


A Non-Physical, 8th density consciousness, that has connected itself to the goings-on, on our transformational Earth for a very specific reason and that reason is the Arcturus energy is a type of vibration very specific to fine tuning energies, fine tuning frequencies and allowing us to function more in alignment with our true natural self so the people being born on planet Earth now do not forget as much as who they actually are, do not forget that they are greater beings, they come through what is called the Arcturus gate or portal which crystallizes and aligns energy in incarnational ways that allows one to vibrate at a level where one exhibits more and more of who you are. These Children are connecting to other simultaneous incarnations from the oversoul level and bringing through information that can teach the Adults on our planet many, many kinds of things that we need to remember about ourselves in order to function in a more, global and galactic way in order to accelerate and propel ourselves rapidly in the direction of our true potential as a species, becoming more fully Human than we’ve ever been before, awakening the switches that will allow us to become the sixth Hybrid race.
Arcturus: is a tangible ‘thing’ in our Life. It’s our BREATH. A physicalised wave, emanating out of its ‘gate’.  The ‘program’, the ‘theme’ we explore and create is constantly being transmitted through our breath.
Source: Glenn Robert Baker