Darryl & Bashar

Questions for Bashar

This will be an updated page where  clarity around the Bashar material is sought. Perhaps it’s you who will ask the question? in a private or live at an event?

  1. Bashar,   you have stated many times  that an average Essassani life span is 30 Earth Years, or 300 Essassani orbits. In late 2012 you said their may be some alterations in the channeled message as your Essassani Life span was ending (Darryl was then in his 29th year of channeling you).  In June 2016 you said you were 300 Earth years old (3000 Essassani orbits) and your Father stated he was a 1000 Earth years old.  Additional to these, what seem obvious contradictions, you have also stated you are from a 3000 Essassani orbits / years lineage of First contact specialists.  How does your father predate this by 7000 Essassani years?
  2. Do the Yahyel males have hair, grow mustaches?
  3.  What exactly led to the Grey’s losing their ability to recreate themselves, naturally? Did any of the 5 elements fail to support them? which one & why, how?



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