Future Earth

Darryl Anka / Bashar, are delivering more details of our parallel future, here is a brief summary:.

Earth Born Cryptics: Holly Cotton exists ‘NOW’ in our Future year 2165, Willa exists ‘Now’ in year 2715, as do the Sassani / Shakani people of Essassani / Eshakan. They number just 33 in total.

Cryptics: learning how parallel realities are laid out and the different level of consciousnesses within our reality, communicating with nature, seeing things otherwise invisible. An education.
Nocturnals see more deeply into those parallel realities and understanding and experiencing more of the parallel lives. drawing from and applying the experience in their lives. more lucid in their dreams. more lucide in physical reality. they use the power of the night, of investigating  deep mystery.
Shapeshifters learn not only to perceive those alternate realities but also how to actually shift themselves into representations of those alternate realities in this reality. Allowing others to perceive those shifting shapes like a hologram because their getting people to understand how to match their frequency to see them from ‘different points of view’ in all the different connections they have in those parallel realities.
The Sage; can then bring that idea full circle and actually allow others to experience changes in the reality as a whole. so not just their bodies shifting to other representation of beings in other realities , but shifting the reality itself all around them, like a holographic representation into those other realities, typically called wizardry or magic.
The Wraith : Currently act as a  dimensional bridge.  The span between physical and non-physical reality.  They interact with certain entities of the spirit realm whom facilitate and allow them to appear in the vibration we call  physical reality.

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