Essassani v Earth Enlightenment

Bashar: “Essassani Enlightenment ,

In our civilisation any one member can be a reflection of the overall consciousness, but at this point it doesn’t serve a purpose to stand out, in that way because every member of the society can do that.”

Earth Enlightenment
Whereas the idea of the Christ consciousness, Buddha nature, Krishna spirit in your society is  for someone to act as a reflection for what  each individual could function  like but aren’t yet functioning like.
That is the meaning in the Christ consciousness vernacular that “I am the way”, be like me because you are like me, but you don’t know it yet.

Bashar on ‘Enlightenment being the idea of escape from Saṃsāra, suffering’.
” The paradox, is to totally embrace the physical world, so that it becomes something within you instead of seeing yourself as something within it.
This way you can regulate your relationship to it, rather than be victimised by it.  Because the idea of ascension and enlightenment is the recognition that you actually are the dimension of reality that you previously thought you existed in.

When you understand that  actually you are the dimension, the reality itself,  then you are free to be that reality in relationship to it without the part of it, without the format of it, that makes you feel you are trapped by it.