Atlantis Remembrance group

Raphael of Remembrance group of Atlantians

emanating Sovereign expression from Raphael of Remembrance group of Atlantians…
Tyler Ellison Saturday May 18, 2019
“we communicate to you through strands of time in our astral forms while we are still localised physically. through our application of technologies we have learned how to root our physical bodies in an unchanging resonance with the earth as well as other elements within nature and the universe who are supportive of this.
We have allowed ourselves to remain in prolonged states of astral travel/projection where we have entire astral societies we have built which happen separately yet scynchronistically with our physical reality framework. We have developed many of our revolutionary, highly spiritualised technologies through actually building conscious earth based astral societies, and it was through learning from our higher selves & guides existing within these societies we created that we begun to download schematics & understandings of different technologies that could be implemented into the physical because we perceived they already existed in the Astral, we began to perceive other societies using the technologies and they showed us how to build them in the Astral. We then eventually began using our vibrational engineering, construction technology & physicality began to craft them for a while via physicalised means.
After sometime we became so in resonance with these physicalised & Astral constructions that we began to Teleport technology in directly which you’d understand as instantaneous manifestation (aka teleportation) before the eyes of our groups doing it and publicly to our people.
It is through the application of this technology we understood  parallel frameworks or which we/you call: ‘time‘ as a result we are able to emanate many of these technologies across the strands of time to futurised humans, to past humans on different timelines so that they are able to receive whatever aspects of these technologies are relevant for them and their collective societies. Please understand we have done this for your society, aspects of our society have shared technologies you would consider negative, done of course by soul contract and agreements so collective lessons can be learned. Other factions are also sharing highly beneficial technologies by agreement so that lessons can be learned.
We as Atlanteans are learning through your society applying & using the different technologies from your point of view. earth gets to go through the same lessons in an accelerated pace, overcoming & transforming the darker aspects of these technologies and integrating the positive versions of these technologies and this is always done by your own higher selves bringing these themes into the collective so our Human story of shedding limitation can be  propelled further in its development and I speak on behalf of a major innovating “remembrance” group in Atlantis. Its our major ‘permission slip’ tool for contact that we utilised  as your English translation of our name.
We call it remembrance as its the theme we are currently emanating to you to remember your abilities to use these technologies that you have already utilised in your histories and your futures. and to remember the notion that memory is both backwards & forwards, left & right, in & out. What you call memory is the ability to tap into different ‘points-of-view’ that you have across different realities that’s reflective of different times.
I am one of the project leaders of our ‘remembrance’ group and go by the name ‘Raphael‘ chosen because of our relationship with this consciousness and downloading different technologies and interacting with this inter-galactic consciousness in these Astral realms understanding it is  the angelic beings in many ways that when you connect with them they will actually be some of the chief emanators of these schematics and blueprints  because its the angelic beings who actually assist this physical universe in particular in being able to have an infrastructure for all types of consciousness to incarnate upon, so much of our technology is downloaded from these points-of-view as they also represent a linkage network to multi dimensional societies based in Stars where these kinds of technologies are actually reflective representations of how these beings lived.
(Raphael responding to a question from Ryne) – we are not often channeled in this format, so i am inquisitive about how this information will be applied amongst the current human versions.
we utilize specific vibrational technologies and generate frequencies that resonate with what you call C# sharp. This allowed for our earth bodies to go into resonance with it.  we also anchored this in using different crystalline beings that were also quartz in nature as they are able to hold the emanation of this vibration projected acoustically.
In addition to this we used other substances: shungite (black 98% carbon, non-crystalline mineraloid named after russian village it was found) placed on our bodies as it reflected carbon a fundamental aspect of the earth, we used to strengthen our physicalised technologies.
So we had emanations creating harmonics & frequencies our physicalised bodies would sycn too  linking us to crystals that would also reinforce this.
we had groups of peoples at the same time in the same rooms positioned in certain shapes, sometimes: square, sometimes triangle that would allow this (resonance) to unfold easily, we would then link consciousnesses with one another.
what this did was allow for us to travel into the Astral realm in a very connected way where each one of us is linked in a unity consciousness while simultaneously connected to the earth. this allows for beings to spend prolonged periods of time in the astral without becoming detached from the physical body because an aspect of your consciousness is so fundamentally rooted to the physical body your simultaneously inhabiting both realities. So it allows for you to spend hours if you choose in these realms in a way that is clear and cognizant with the other members. we also allowed for telepathy to develop so when we were in the astral we did not have to strategise the physical mind. we would be able to follow our Joy & Love as this represents the natural unfolding of the universe. While in the astral we went on different journeys to collect different Astral materials from other dimensions. Following schematics from beings we met in the astral to make different structures based on their schematic sheets in their civilization.
we then began to create and study these structures in the Astral, once we had enough understanding we would then breath in the elements of the construction of the technology into our astral bodies and we would then bring them back into the physical bodies allowing for the schematics to begin to crystallize. what would happen afterwards began slowly but soon accelerated, we began to have downloads in dreams & inspiration of these technologies and how to build them. It happened small at first but each person began to remember different pieces to this puzzle and we began to create the same astral technologies utilizing what was all ready available on the earth.
Eventually, because remember we are integrating the astral  technologies into our bodies, eventually it became so crystallized the Astral technologies linked with the Physical we began to open a portal to our unique version of the astral realm where we were actually building technologies in a manner seemingly automatically by our own higher selves. so other technologies we hadn’t actually built could be very quickly downloaded and built and at a certain point they became instantaneous  manifestations through creating a proper harmonic environment in whatever space we chose to manifest such technology.
So linked in both Astral and Physical. “

editors note:  Raphael is  the name of an archangel responsible for healing in the traditions of most Abrahamic religions

Raphael name meaning: ‘It is God who heals’, ‘God Heals’,
channeled by: Tyler Ellison – visit Tyler’s youtube page
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