Shiva – Shivaya

Shiva is a consciousness that resides in multiple dimensions ​and acts as the substrata supporting agent of those dimensions and out of its love infuses these dimensions with its Love, with its guidance, with its wisdom and it goes wherever it wishes to go because it is that free because of the level of love it embodies because it is all things in that way. The word Shivaya  is our (essassani) society essentially means the following, whatever that appears to be a limitation, obstacle or challenge has the ability to be seen as an illusion, something that has no power over over ones passion. So we are essentially saying all that is, is an illusion and not supportive of my passion, step aside for I see you for what you are.
Shiva has crystallised as people before on earth as well as other Worlds.”
Ryok is an Essassani hybrid teacher & student channeled by Tyler Ellison.
source video (58min)