The Precursors (Oct 1, 2016)

The PrecursorsNew York, NY – Oct 1, 2016

This was for me an interesting event as it discussed frequencies.

Bashar relayed how a Human resonating at between 40 (hertz) (cycles per second) rising too 100 in the brain will allow them to go to the ‘top of the mountain‘ access the higher mind. – perception itself. Generally ‘Humanity will hover around 40 to 50 cycles per second“.

The Essassani operate he said in the higher end of the  Gamma state but can rise much into a resonance they call  the Epsilon state, which vibrates up to 333 hz,  in the brain matching the frequency 333,000 hz (cycles per second) which is the border between physical and non-physical reality, thus becoming quasi-physical.

During Darryl’s channeling state the frequency ranges between 50 to 60 hz , which is considered mid range Gamma.

when Bashar talks of: “someones frequency on average is about 140,000 hz we are talking about a sub harmonic of the frequency at which the reality is being created. The reality is being created at ‘Planck time’ (billions of time per second). Thus we give a range in which the person is experiencing physical reality.

Essassani on average operate at 300,000hz and humanity is approx: 144,000hz.

at a bashar event he bashar/Darraly is expressing at usually 250,000hz, but the audience rarely if ever come up to that, which means they are missing information that Bashar is transmitting.  Which is why people often hear more things second time around.
An Essassani would see much more than our periodic table.

using the Gold as an example, they would see the Gold plus something on another level called ‘paragel’, a colour & element that you can’t even imagine.

The Bridge frequency. that which allows the link to be made between our different reality states. (enclose pic of touching fingers). the crossing point is where we meet. infinity wave form. 8

Brain waves (wikipedia)