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Dare to Dream – Nov. 4th 2017

Monologue – Have Passion for Passion.

The key: ACT ON YOUR PASSION instead of being lost in a day to day dream of what you could do. One must act on their dreams, and begin the 1st law of the formula by acting on one’s excitement, by utilising their imagination to get the ball rolling. He likened it to making a circuit, ‘Earthing’, so that physical reality could then be actually engaged in turning the joyful ‘dream’ into a real reality. As he so often does, he warned against questioning or writing-off one’s ‘joy dream’ of being impractical, but just act on it without conditions. Once the first steps of momentum have been activated, synchronicity could then flow bringing events into place to support one’s joy coming into manifestation. “The key to allowing that to flow, naturally, automatically, effortlessly, joyfully … to pay attention to whether the passion & excitement is there, in that thing that has arrived in front of your face (regardless) of the form in which it comes”. He pointed out that excitement, joy, is the thing that gets a person to move, like a carrot to a donkey, so the forms that it dangles in front of one’s face is designed to lead a person through the steps of manifesting their Joy and not in a linear, step by step, process, the physical mind may think is the only way realise it. “No insistence or assumption in how things must look before acting on your passion”.

An important point, I felt, was the explanation around embodying the ‘energy of the excitement itself‘ generated from the imagination of ones passion coming to fruition, ‘is what allows your body to read the thing or action you’re doing or taking as real’. I like this, because he is saying that the sub atomic particles which come together to produce ‘forms’ are largely inert (extras), like crowds or background scenes in a movie, they create a setting, however the only real relationship to ones personal reality is the ‘Joy’ & ‘passion’ derived from each scene. Thus one can presume, without the ‘vision-energy of passion’ one is not able to make an outward ‘match’ in forms, instead whatever dominant belief structure, at the time, will be generating conflicting matches. He clarified this point “The Body consciousness itself will respond to the energy before it will respond to the form”, further he related the steps it arrives through: “Higher Mind through ones Heart into their Mind and then to their Eyes”.

Bashar reminds us “Passion, excitement is your bodies physical translation of the vibrational energy of your true essential being.”

So as humanity has long discovered ‘Gut feelings’ are the way to go!