Love the Key to ALL that IS

​Riok channeling by Tyler Ellison
​”Your higher selves are making much more direct contact with you in your 3D matrix reality until a point where you can tune in to what your higher self feels like. Understanding that there are different dimensions to energy and the higher mind is one dimension of your energy with its own quality. Unconditional love is your inner most access code to yourself. Unconditional love tunes you into inward to who you are, remembering that one dimension of who you are is your higher self, so you could say within Unconditional love their is a spectrum of other states-of-being that Unconditional love connects you to, understand that the higher self is one of these levels, one of these dimensions. Understanding that your Soul is one of these dimensions, one of these levels. Your higher self is a bridge between the ‘you’ in the physical reality framework and the ‘you’ that is much more integrated into the higher density realms of spirit, the higher self is that bridge, so when you connect to Unconditional love you begin to connect to who you are and your higher self, and your soul, and other incarnations are other aspects of this, your over soul are other aspects of this, understanding that Unconditional love is the vehicle to assessing all of these other dimensions of who you are.
many of you say you’d like to connect to your past & future lives, your soul remembering that it is a progressive sequence of exploration typically for most of you. understanding that first you will be familiarized with Unconditional love that will tune you into your higher self becaus ethe higher self uses Unconditional love  as its language of communication and we will now expand upon this.
​By following your excitement you begin to the join the dots to the story of your life as it unfolds through that series of actions & choices, through that shared vibration of passion over the span of time you form a greater context of who you are ​based on what you’re feeling and manifesting giving you a flavor of who you are as an individuated being but also to see how these aspects are connected to the ‘Soul’ you and it is by following your passion that you get dialed in to the qualities of your Soul, understand that is the most amazing thing about the formulae ( our society uses of following your highest joy & passion) that it tunes you in to who you are on multiple levels and once again by accessing yourself from the Soul level that’s when you begin to see yourself from these other incarnations, this is where you can start to download different skills, abilities and different facets of information that are relevant to different incarnational experiences, understanding the Soul will often times be the mediator between the incarnational you’re directly experiencing and these past or future life incarnations. Remembering again that Unconditional love is the key to that door of that unlimited access to your unlimited nature.
we’d like to go a little deeper now into that level of understanding how you can use that ability of self exploration to explore the nature of reality: Understand as you navigate this matrix through higher self, soul and oversoul to source, not only do you get to see yourself from these greater contextual points of view but you will then also be able to observe reality from that point-of-view. So in other words you will begin to unlock the unique abilities to see into different parallel realities altogether, this may be expressed in different ways:
– to read, to scan, to tune into other peoples past or future incarnations because when you operate from the Soul level you can see your own you will then be able to expand that to see other incarnations of other people.
– you will be able to see different perspectives of history, remote view different events that have occurred throughout time and observe different parallel realities and their history so alterations and alternatives to those histories.
– You’ll also be able to scan into future realities, different probabilities of where earth could go. where your Life could go. and other people’s life could go.
Understanding when you can observe your self from these different pints of view you can then expand that to the greater reality that you are connected too and you can then expand that into the realities of others should you so choose.
LOVE is the key to open these different dimensions to yourselves.
and when you begin to unlock these different dimensions you’ll be able to perceive more of ALL that IS. “

Tyler Ellison : &– Tyler Ellison’s Youtube page

Transcribed from this video