epsilon 3

Epsilon, Epiphany, Eclipse III

‘living an extraordinary life’ –  22nd June 2014

The monologue started off with the Trinary essassani oversoul recapping the previous two transmissions “we as a triad stabilize the vibration of the Essassani Oversoul, so that all the individuals therein can experience and draw from that stabilization matrix. We have explained that we are also now overlapping  with the collective consciousness of your civilization”.

They then proceeded to tell us how they were manipulating our Moon “It has been discovered that there are within your lunar body  large objects, concentration of mass, called mass-cons, these have been fashioned into your natural lunar body,. The moon, that you experience is a natural body split off from your World but it has been engineered by others to contain these mass-cons which resonate at a certain frequency and in resonating at this frequency it was prepared that the moon could act as a resonating receiver for the vibration we are now sending to you”.

It turns out, according to them, that Planetary Oversouls are buddying up “ the stabilization link between our world of Essassani and your world of Earth and the higher minds and oversouls that are represented by each, so as we now setup the resonance idea pattern of our stabilization energy and transmit this vibration to your world. We are now activating the mass-cons within your moon. Your Moon shall now become your vibrational representation of the Earth oversoul and act now in a new way that will help accelerate the vibrational energy toward the time that we have announced and brought to your attention as the Fall (Northern hemisphere Autumn, southern hemisphere spring) of 2016 when everything will change.”

So from now on they said the  polarized light coming from our Sun & reflected by our moon will ‘contain an additional vibration that will be the stabilization vibration of Epsilon, Epiphany and Eclipse.  And in particular any lunar eclipse that you will now experience in totality will amplify and magnify the stabilization vibration and   act as a buffer zone, act as a gap, for allowing re-definition, re-design, re-creation, of yourselves as an identity on the oversoul level, so that that can filter down into the individual expressions on your planet that you each are and imbue  each of you more with that stabilization energy to act as a stabilizing format for the changes that will occur in your Autumn of 2016, so you can ride that wave of change in a much more stabilized way.

They ended the transmission by saying that’s the last time we will hear from them directly as they will be communicating with us via our Moon.

Then the transmission hookup switch to Bashar who summed up:

Now you can understand from this point forward the vibration of; Epsilon, Epiphany and  Eclipse will be linking resonantly to your  lunar energy so that you can all thus then    by allowing yourselves to feel that particular resonance frequency that has been added to your oversoul body, added to the collective consciousness of your world you can now begin to truly move in the direction in a positive way of becoming lunatics (audience laughter). And in that way you will become far more like us, good crazy so that you can become crazy good and live an extraordinary life.

Full Audio & Video available for download @ www.bashar.org