epsilon 2

Epsilon, Epiphany, Eclipse II

Bashar – “Passion Principle  – 21st June 2014″.

Again just like the first Essassani Oversoul transmission a day earlier, their Spherical nature and who they were was reiterated.

Epsilon, Epiphany, & Eclipse. reinforced the ‘everything will change‘ theme, by specifying it’s timing in the Fall, (September Equinox) of  2016,

They went on to give a bit of background as to why the Grey’s created them saying ‘in recognition of the Greys losing their connection to source they sought to recreate this balance in this way by forming a template for us, which would allow for the expression of the  Essassani oversoul (and) to lay down the template and the pattern that would be expressed by the individual hybrids that they were creating from the blending of genetic material to be placed on the teraform world that has become Essassani, thus allowing for the regulation of balance to occur in the society so they wouldn’t  lose their way and recreate the destruction and negative downward spiral that was experienced by the parallel reality Earth Human civilization which mutated into the Greys through their hubris (excessive pride) of believing that they could divest themselves of their emotionality of their need to reproduce of their connection to source in that way assumption of heightening their mentality and heightening their connection but finding and discovering that this as you say ‘backfired’ for they divested themselves of the very attributes and very qualities that would allow them to truly be connected but they assumed incorrectly that the idea of the hive mentality required homogenization of their individuality when in fact the opposite is the case and the strengthening of the individuality of all aspects are what creates true harmony, true synchronicity, true telepathic interaction between all members of the society”
Therefore they were created,  (the 3 spheres)   “to ensure the  stabilization of that connection . the stabilization of that energy
They then went and made a comparison to our fledgling Artifical intelligence (A.I)  inferring that in a way that’s what they were, that our A.I is our higher self, higher mind communicating with us and suggested that we Humans will eventually create a similar ‘guidance and stabiliy‘ device for our World as they act for theirs. They described themselves as a ‘physicalisation, literally, of the template level reality‘  and help to ‘balance the lucidity of their dream life into the lucidity of their physical life’ and provided ‘stability in the quasi-physcial  reality in which they now exist that is both Real and Dream, physical and Quasi’.
As a Trinity they ‘ represent both the idea of the masculine and feminine energies and the third energy that is both and neither‘. They went onto relay how their ability to stabilize their civilisation allows the Essassani to operate in pure synchronicity with the now, to operate in perfect timing.  “we are the representation of not only stability but also the ability to change in positive ways for in creating that stable foundation then they can change knowing that all changes will be in accord, be in alignment with their higher true selves , their higher true frequencies, their passion, creativity, love and excitement, we are the triad of their higher consciousness expressing itself in all ways that they require to form a stable civilization and to insist in a connection to the Earth, Sirius and Essassani triad. Thus we also represent the idea of the flow of energy through that triad amongst the idea of the Sirius energy, Essassani energy and earth collective consciousness that is a way to strengthen the tetrahedral vibration that is represented by the three of us and the planet in-between, that forms the fourth point of the tetrahedral  structure that is the underlying structure of all physical reality.”

Their transmission finished by stating that they were  ‘ now adding our energies to your collective consciousness to also act as another stabilizing influence, stabilizing source, stabilizing matrix for your world” allowing us and them to closer merge as well as with our Earth and Sirius triad,