Raphael is an Atlantean being channeled by Tyler Ellison

I, Raphael did not exist in the Atlantean Utopian timeline (as the parallel version of myself), I was born in a different time in that way of Atlantean development.

I began to play a role as an artist, I was a painter but I painted very uniquely utilising our technologies to create light based holographic images utilising crystals within our paint fabrics that began to hold such charge that they began to be able to holographically emanate the light of whatever it was we began to paint.  I painted three Dimensional and sometimes 4th dimensional artwork and the reason I chose this theme was because the technology we developed in Atlantis on my ‘Raphael’ timeline  was developed so much earlier that I didn’t need to play that role so I had a whole new incarnational role available. 

verbatim via channeled transmission – Tyler Ellison