One & only particle

The ‘One & Only Particle’

The Essassani refer to this as the ‘Prime Radiant’.
Please watch this short clip before we go further : (should the link go offline; the Idea to imagine is of ONE single particle in Creation., that can travel at infinite speed and has no mass. As the particle crosses itself a photon is created. Meaning trillions and trillions of photons can  appear simultaneously, but in reality its just the infinitesimally tiny, ‘One thing’ traveling infinitely fast. )

Currently Quantum physicists  are mapping everything as ‘separate’,  each particle as an autonomous entity, uniquely different to every other particle around it, however their Quantum experiments are  beginning to show a different picture, like: Non-locality , entanglement and the ‘double slit experiment‘ . (Please click links for 3 short – entertaining videos)
Science’s pursuit of the ‘ Grand Unified Theory‘  is perhaps right in front of them, if they were to embrace the ‘One particle appearing everywhere’ axiom.

The observer and observed as one thing, in a dynamic geometric relationship.
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