9.9.9: ME to BE

9th September 2016 – 18th September 2016 – 27th September 2016.  I will be celebrating these events in Cuba.  Of late I have been enjoying co-created gatherings of smaller groups of like minded people, people with a deep passion & joy : discovering a new sense & feel for what 4th density way of living is.        One can be passive or active and is built around who attends. I have several component ‘workshops’ to offer, based around; breathing, conscious  movement, parallel realities, and awareness of the interpenetrative state.  To have a focus for ones Being, and gift that to ourselves through others in a loose program that allows Flow, Nowness,  ecstaticness to freely  interconnect us.

As per articles: 999-everything-will-change-2016 & easter-island-global-x-wave-node-999-trigger, This period will most likely  shape into something quite spectacular.  The month starts powerfully enough with the 2016’s, 3rd Eclipse: An annular Solar eclipse. on the 1st Day of September, closely followed by Earths final eclipse of the year, 15 days later,  on the 16th September, a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse.

further details to be added based on group numbers, 2 or 3 night  (during each 9.9.9) events in great Atlantean locations : Cuba, and Jamaica.

Event now closed.