teleportation pre-exercise overview

When I began embarking upon the idea of teleporting back in 2013, it was with more or less the classical concept of the ‘star trek- beam me up scotty’ variety, that was until I actually experienced it, when it became apparent ‘everything’ change’s , everything that I perceived in the moment I perceived it – morphed.
Paradoxically this event highlighted the only thing which didn’t change, which was the ‘Now’.
So for those of you interested in Teleportation, note although you will experience switching between ‘places’ that could be vast distances apart instantaneously, you will NOT actually experience any recognition of movement besides perception.
Instead you will be acutely aware of the ‘Now’ and how ‘changes’ happen within it. Similar to how a fixed wall TV is in an unmoving position , where upon its screen ‘pixels’ are changing colour giving the believable appearance of movement.
Although great travel can appear upon it the reality is the screen and its pixels aren’t moving.
Natural Teleportation works similarly to this.
Once I had teleported I was sort of confounded because I couldn’t deny the ‘now’ in relationship to ALL movement, so in a sense i had to backward engineer what had happened to begin working it out. That’s why if someone says all movement is teleportation they are absolutely correct. All I effectively experienced was a ‘big jump’ in something that’s always happening, so it’s not about learning how to teleport, its really about figuring out how I’m already doing it.
Attracting ones own higher mind reflection via beings like ‘Bashar‘ really helped out.
I delved into parallel realities, MWI theories and various esoteric wisdom.
In effect the study of teleportation is the study of how to create and attract an utopian lifestyle, one’s perfect most joyous idea of a life they can possibly experience and constantly ‘teleport’ or ‘attract’ an ideal life to themselves time & time again without fail.
Thus the study of teleportation has gotta be the most rewarding endeavor because a person works towards the embodiment of a truly co-creative experience of themselves here & now.
Unfortunately in this 3rd density and it’s ambient themed duality’ reality, it is probably the hardest thing out there to fathom.
Fortunately the raw materials never left us: thought follows energy, energy is the source of everything etc. and 4th density is on the horizon.
An overview to natural teleportation begins with a direct reflective understanding as to how one is influencing their current ‘Now’, their currently experienced life.
By taking that as the starting point we can begin to make small adjustments to it. synchronistic & deja vu moments increase as past-future limitations are de-identified with and the ‘Now’ establishes itself as the default position.
Please join me in the coming teleportation exercises that will be posted here in due course.