Welcome to ‘Teleportation – Living a lucid life’.

During this dimensional and density shift, new abilities and technologies are emerging. A completely new and exciting way of relating beckons, one that has no precedent, so how will it all unfold?

Of course no one knows, but here, on this site, I write about and link to a positive and ecstatic change . Drawing from a range of resonating sources: Channelers; Bashar & Tyler Ellison, your feedback , natural  intuition et al, to enhance the picture of personal empowerment that is gradually being unveiled, the innate ability of each individual to shape their reality according to their Joyful preference.

This is the kernel underpinning this idea of ‘Teleportation’, as opposed to the ‘beam-me-up-Scotty’ variety, thus its scope goes way beyond the idea of purely a ‘transportation vehicle’, into the realm of Reality creation aligned to each individuals unique abilities and values.

I trust you enjoy the; posts & pages plus the physical ‘ijoy’ 4D ‘expansion’ gatherings to come.

It’s the perfect opportunity to come together in mutual resonance to celebrate and ignite each other, in; fun, laughter, dance, creativity, Love and joy.

Glenn R Baker