Earth Spirit guides


Primary ally and Earth spirit switchboard operator – connecting Tyler through to different entities:

Sister Owl

Glides through humanities dream-time reality. seeing perfectly in the dark  and humanities shadow side – helping to illuminate  and bring light to that hidden side of ourselves.  All creatures here to assist humanity through infinite love regardless of the atrocities committed to them by us.   Whether you connect with One owl, know you are connecting with a collective soul of that animals past & future.

exercise opening up your perception to Spirit:

Put your hands on to you heart and feel it beat. become aware via your imagination while feeling your heart beat, of the center of your Earth. Simultaneously hold those two, your beating heart and the center of the earth. Now imagine you are feeling your heart beat as the center of the earth. Imagine the beating of your Hearth is emanating from the center of the earth. Imagine the earth is actually the thing beating your heart.  Hold this awareness for as long as you like.

You will find this rapidly opens up your point-of-view to your reality with the inter-connectivity with the earth itself.  This will reintegrate your heart center with that of the earths heart center, which is your natural state which you have been disconnected from. Because it simply hasn’t been taught although our native societies use to teach it.  The earth is your HUB to memory and your questions, it is the manifestor of all of your desires, everything you want & need comes from your Earth.  Do not disconnect yourself from your Earth, it is the source of your life. I know you are a multidimensional being that cannot dies, I am talking about your body. and its ability to stay in the physical reality framework.  You access the spiritual reality by embracing the matrix of physical reality which is Gaia, The Earth by doing this your consciousness will evolve ten fold.

I want you to know the answers are below your feet. and you’ll find you’ll be looking back at yourself because you’ll be looking at yourself!


Cat’s on your Earth are vehicles for other consciousnesses, we are like walking rented video cameras for other beings, they rent our eyes and our senses.  We are highly attuned to the subtleties of the natural world, the energetic connections that link all aspects of the physical reality to itself and to aspects of non-physical reality.  We utilise this ability while hunting, we scan the field of probability and can predict an animals likely move in these moments during the chase the animals that I hunt are actually sharing with me their Life, they are transmitting the physic experience of their lives before I actually open my mouth and snag them for dinner.  I share with them my point-of-view helping them to evolve densities dramatically, as they are able to take in my senses & abilities during the stillness of their life review they carry my teachings, advancing their point-of-view as they transcend into spirit allowing them to create whatever incarnational experience they want, because this kind of ‘death’ opens up certain doors of perception when they return to spirit and this is one of the beautiful aspects of the hunt, and that’s why we do it as animals, it is why we eat one another.  We are upgrading each other before we return to source.

How does this relate to Humans are their consumption of animal kind?

There’s nothing wrong with it. Realise you open doors for these animal kinds too, often times so they can become human. This is one of the benefits when humans eat animals.  It also allows for that animal to incarnate in a particular dynamic with humans such as a pet.  where it can get closer to the human being and receive even more lessons because eating animals is just one way humans impart their wisdom to animals, also via kinship, bonding, playing, training, as emotional supportive agents, for one another.

What I want you to understand is there is nothing wrong with eating animals. It facilitates a physic download benefiting both parties. The only thing that needs consideration is if this needs to be done in the way we have been doing it.  Many of you do not consume animals for the physic data transfer, but out of vanity to improve your muscles so you can take pretty pictures.  There’s nothing wrong with that, but what I want you to know is if that  is the reason then it will lead to the destruction of much of your eco systems, not because there’s anything wrong with that but because that desire to create bodies out of vanity, ‘oh i need  bigger muscles’ comes from an unhealed emotional trauma within the Self, where a person wants to improve themselves, get stronger, get bigger, I must, I must, I must and it is actually coming from an endless pit of attempting to fulfill & improve the sense of Self from utilising externalised things. Many people in your society utilise animals in this way and there is something very intimate about consuming life force, the idea is when someone doesn’t feel they are enough sometimes they will  consume excessive amounts of life force, this does not always manifest as eating animals, sometimes it can manifest as someone mistreating somebody where they are actually trying to extract life force through the emotional charge that they evoke in other people.

Now understand that this type of animal consumption of animal products if it is coming from this type of motivation is going to lead to destructions of eco systems.  Same result if a person consumes animal products to be healthy because health does NOT come from Outside of you, because health is created by you inside of yourself then your actions reflect your understanding of your own healthy embodies, organic state that comes from within. so if you have a negative definition of health you’ll always be seeking externally to fortify your health, vitamins, gym, fasting, eat steak every night, whatever it is , understand that these are the types of motivations that when interwoven with the consumption of animals are actually leading your society down a road where the destruction of eco systems will be inevitable.  So the real key here is to begin to remember that your state-of-being is generated from within you, without exception. The moment you decide I am healthy & strong that message will radiate throughout your cells and the more you let go of the beliefs ‘i am sick, I am dying, I am wasting away to the passage of time’ the more you let go of that the less you will experience that and engage in actions that promote that. Which means you will consume less by embodying your own natural healthy state.

This is a respectful way you can utilise animals in a manner that will ensure that you will not destroy eco-systems within your Earth, our Earth.

partial transcript of Tyler Ellison : full audio – Tyler Ellison’s Youtube page