total lunar eclipse

Aluna & Epsilon Triad

The Essassani Oversoul  (as per the Epsilon Triad transmissions.) pointed out that these Eclipses   “will amplify and magnify the stabilization vibration and   act as a buffer zone, act as a gap, for allowing re-definition, re-design, re-creation, of yourselves “

Aluna, are events co-ordinated in the Spirit of this transformational field.

For those who are not up to speed with the Epsilon triad, in brief, our Lunar body is now functioning as our collective World Soul, and is further linked with Sirius and Essassani in assisting and accelerating a collective change (Everything will change in the fall of 2016). I am  acknowledging the difference between our pre and post Moon , by calling it ‘Aluna’., ( which happens to mean: ‘Great Mother’ in Kogi’s language).

As you can see in the image below, lunar eclipses, are when the Moon is caught in the shadow of the Earth and turns red, also called a ‘blood red moon’..

So why is it so powerful?

There are a few angles to this.  The Moon  displays  the waxing and waning quadrants in an approx 1 hour time span, thus it speeds up an entire month into that brief time window = accelerated change.  Also the Sun-light passes over Earths atmosphere, giving the Red glow on the Moon, as well as sub-atomically passing through all matter.  The Moon in its Blackness or Redness phase absorbs the collective Earth Psyche: beliefs, emotions & thoughts,  then shifts within half hour to a Full moon,  of reflected transformed light.

Of course this will be the first time  that  the Essassani oversoul is effecting us, in this way.  By shifting the density of Physical Mind (beliefs, emotions & thoughts), the Higher mind will be brought into more balance, allowing greater access to the ‘template level reality’ and the redesign of our reality.  The 3 Lunar Eclipses will be in the astrological signs of: Aries (8th Oct 14, Libra (4th April 15) & Aries (27 Sept 15).