Past Events/workshops


NZ Spirit Festival

Luminate festival

Evolve Festival

Egypt tour. inc private 2hr afterhours night visit in the Kings Chamber, Cheops , GIZA



Luminate festival

Evolve Festival


NZ Spirit Festival


Luminate festival

Evolve Festival

Love Vibration


Love Vibration – New Zealand (14th Feb 2016)

10am:  workshop. : Creating the life you prefer. Powerful exercise, Scripting the New You!

11am:  workshop:  Breathing into JOY. Tuning in to Tara.!!! (Metatronic Breathing)

2.30pm: Workshop: Dancing within, : Fusion of Joy & Movement.

3.30pm:  Workshop: Music Magic: Lost in the silence of sound; (NgangA & Glenn co-presenters)

Evolve Festival – New Zealand (23-25th Jan 2016)

Parallel Realities – an Introduction: Sunday 25th Jan: 10.30am
Expanded consciousness workshop.Time to Timing. Reality shaping – tapping into the Quantum field.


Time to Timing (31st December 2015)

Luminate Festival – New Zealand (28th Jan to 4th Feb 2015)

2 x workshops : venue: Aroha space in the Huaora

Parallel Realities – Life Design -Living a Lucid Life

Workshop 1: – 12noon Sunday 1st Feb
expanded consciousness workshop, 3D to 4D vibration raising exercises. tapping into the Quantum field. Time to Timing. Reality shaping.
Our workshop will practically explore the nature of TIME and Movement. How the Present, reshapes the Past and touch on time travel & Natural Teleportation
Introduction to Parallel Realities,

Workshop consists of ; discourse, imagination & energy exercises,
Workshop II: – 12noon Monday 2nd Feb
Life Design – consciously creating the specific reality one prefers. . ‘Living a Lucid Life’ Developing & nurturing State of being frequencies. transform negative / repetitive patterns  and definitions.
Very powerful exercise that will change your life. please bring pen/pencil and something to write on/ or tablet.


Aluna 1 – 6 Day lunar Eclipse intensive – Unveiling of Simultaneity Cuba – 8th October 2014

Evolve Festival – New Zealand (Sun 16 Feb 2014, 10:30am)  Teleportation – intro workshop


13 Day – Teleportation Intensive (Choco-Colombia Dec 22 2013 to 4th jan 2014)


Body, Mind Spirit Festival (Christchurch, NZ) – 10/11th March 2012 Conscious Travel – intro workshop

Evolve Festival – New Zealand (Feb 2012)  Conscious Travel – intro workshop


Breaking Free of Limitation – workshops

Breaking Free of LimitationBreaking Free of Limitation 1