Aluna II (4 April 15)

This is the second of three Total Lunar Eclipse gatherings. To take place either-side of the 4th April 2015, the date of the Total Lunar Eclipse

Dreaming a Physical life

A one week event –  New Zealand, Canaan Downs, Tasman. (Full Eclipse Visible 1am 5th April) Fri 3rd April to Thursday 9th April.

The event will partly take place on top a crystal mountain.  multi-hosted and multifaceted.  . from Fri 3rd to Mon 6th.  where we will depart to 3 sacred areas in North west NZ.

Hired cars with tents, or rental campervans will be the go, for this one. Rented and returned from Nelson, NZ. Christchurch or Picton, are other rental options, however they are further away.

‘Dreaming a Physical life”, is focused on engaging the Earth Spirit, our physcalised self.  When the Higher mind aligns in this way, a rush of knowing our roots, pours forth, physical immortality et Al. The Essassani / Sirius information, a sort of booster rocket, falls away into the background, and then you’re on your own, integrating your uniqueness into the expression you are. It’s quite likely a new ‘sense’ is being activated during this Eclipse.

The Oversouls are waking themselves up, through  a multitude of other frequencies that link  Hyper sapiens to us via the Earth resonance. The path has to be unfolded by ourself, it hasn’t been done before, no other template is comparable.  In order to actualise a dream, Gaia wakes up as you! and you as Gaia!

The Lemuria or MU frequency of NZ/ Aotearoa – with its Jet Black colour SYMBOL worn by their sports teams, is Representative of SPACE or the Shadow/collapse side, that allows ‘distance’ and the idea of ‘separation’ and ‘Fear’ et al, to be experienced.  Aluna II is very much focused on closing this ‘gap’ by transforming this frequency to its polar opposite:  ecstasy.

The Arcturian energy, is Breath, and we will be using this during our time together, in Holotropic ways.

Cost: This is an intimate, co-creative event, as such there is only a NZ$100 fee per person, to cover admin and logistical costs. beyond that everyone pays for their own cost’s incurred.  allow NZ$ 1-200 for fuel, about $150 for food, accom: $80 + vehicle hire fees, insurance etc, drinks.

(Aluna I)   (Aluna III)


  • Aluna II : The blood moon linked in ‘Neptune’, (see ‘Aluna I-Uranus’ expose post). “Grounding the Masculine, Freeing the Feminine”, along with a strong focus on a tweaked “Metatronic Cube” was the theme, with an amazing group of people atop a crystal mountain on an equally crystal clear, stary night in New Zealand.

I hadn’t fully appreciated the exoteric ‘grounding’ and ‘freeing’ qualities of the Water Element, how in its liquid form it sinks deep into the Earth as well as its expansive, evaporating state.

With the unconditional Love of Neptune seeping through Saturn, human heart strings are being plucked.



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