Pyramids world 836

The Artifacts – (4th Dec 15)

Bashar released more fascinating information recently.

During this ‘Part 1’ event, of which the second more detailed part will follow sometime in 2016, the essassani acknowledged Six Pyramids  which had been purposely placed in our Solar system, forming a sort of evolutionary treasure chest for Humanity as we expand out.
According to Bashar a 4500 year old Arcadian cylinder seal tablet actually exists, depicting the Pyramids and exactly where they are placed in our system. (perhaps like this one)
 Irving Finkel
These pyramids contain specific information and act as road markers, as to who and what we are, allowing us to peer into the deeper mysteries embedded in our past & future.
These are the Six Planets with ‘placed’ Pyramids:
Earth – The great pyramid at Giza, Egypt.
Great pyramid of Giza1
MoonThis Pyramid contains information  for outward expansion.

Mars –  information regarding our lost history.

Maldek (Phaeton)now in the asteroid belt. Although they didn’t suggest this, perhaps it could be the Pyramid on Ceres, which is the largest remnant within the belt and known as a dwarf planet. Here’s an image of a pyramid shape that has been found on it.

Saturn’s: Titan moon – This will reveal our greater E.T lineage.
Pluto – Although not certain, this looks like a Pyramidal structure, 50 miles high! information still coming in.
Some people say its Moon, Charon, has them?
Anyway when we start probing around this one, we as a society, will will have become a fully fledged member of the interstellar alliance and discovering unimaginable choices before us.
Pluto Pyramid