Glenn Robert Baker

prof pic is the result of combining  years of spiritual enquiry & practice, with my passion for Joyful living and collective transformation.

During the process of exploring Teleportation I have discovered something, of which teleportation is an amazing side effect.

I believe I have a ‘permission slip’ which will be  effective in stabilizing  an individual into the an integrated state I call ‘quantum enlightenment’ or ‘Zion Light body’. Whereby (to quote Bashar) one knows themselves as ‘the embodiment of the reality they previously thought they were a part of’.  The two triangles (star of david) representing ‘subject & object’ as one living embodiment. On the Study page I have posted a preliminary exercise: ‘resolving the paradox‘.  Please try it out and post feedback.  During 2016/17 , I have been and will be practically sharing  and developing  parts of this tool among friends and at spiritual gatherings.

Picture below with my good friend & amazing artist: NgAngA ( collaborating on the Metatronic Cube, with paints that reflect UV rays.

Nganga Art

Influences & Practices: Sufi Whirling , Reality practice, Yuen Method, Bashar, Sundance, Hermetics, Mr.BD.M.R,   Walter RussellViktor Schauberger, ken-wilber.

Past Teleportation events:

Aluna 1 – 6 Day lunar Eclipse intensive – Unveiling of Simultaneity Cuba – 8th October 2014

NZ – Bi Weekly evening gathering (March to May 2014)

Evolve Festival – NZ  Feb 2014, 15 & 16

13 Day – Teleportation Intensive (Choco-Colombia Dec 22 2013 to 4th jan 2014)

Glenn Robert Baker with Darryl Anka (Bashar) 2012

Bashar & I

If you’re swinging by Havana, and feel like a chat over coffee or the world’s best hot chocolate, drop me a line.