9/11 Event: Mecca Depolarised

Certain Earth nodes are being integrated and prepared ahead of Aluna X-wave.

A remarkable pre-Solar eclipse event happened last 9/11 at Mecca, which went largely unreported considering its ‘timing’.

A crane fell through the World’s biggest mosque encompassing the central, box shaped, ‘Kabba’, killing over 100 people from 12 countries. The 15×10 meter, black draped ‘Kabba’ (Cube) comprises a key, East facing black corner stone, a relic from Annunaki origins (denoted by the phenomenally long, yet decreasing life spans of; Adam & Eve, Noah and Abraham to whom it’s associated with).

The Stone (الحجر الأسود‎),once a powerful transformer of ‘sins’, negative ideas, beliefs & thoughts. However those ‘transforming’ frequencies were polarised after Abraham left his physical body and began magnetize, like a Black Hole, drawing more and more bequeathers to it. Ironically it had the effect of ‘justifying’, negative, divisive thoughts as a sort of pious aspiration or Zenith. E.G: The act of destroying oneself, others, buildings etc can be portrayed with Holy merit. Christianity fairs none the better either, Jesus ‘died for our sins’, and as such acts in a similar way. (The link of Abraham to Judaism & Islam is worth exploring, if you are so inspired )

Zorac (channel) Synopsis :-

Shortly after the crane pierced the Mosque, the Hajarul Aswad stone had its polarity integrated by (White) Orion’s acting for ANDROMEDA. GAIA brought the crane down with wind & rain, and the ‘burdens’ or hopeless and helplessness were explosively released as it was depolarized. The stone will begin to very gradually change colour now over two decades, eventually becoming shimmering, translucent crystalline white and the frame it’s set in will change from Silver to Light-Gold. The silver frame underlined its ‘mirror’ quality, whatever you put in, you get back, eye for an eye. It was an awesome center for developing the idea of: ‘sin’, estrangement from ones-Godself and the fundamental expansion and experience of it in physical reality. The quality of the Tawaf ritual during the annual Hajj from hereon, will be radically altered. It is now acting as a ‘positive’, integrated, empowerment emitter, whereby its qualities will speak & act through directly ‘transforming’ people, primarily in the areas of rejuvenation and physical immortality, as it once did and was always intended to do. Thus fulfilling the Al-Trimidhi prophecy / parable; “the black-stone will resurrect with both eyes to see and one tongue to speak on the day of Judgment and it will testify those who touch and kiss it.“

Update: 26 September 2015:

The above text was written 13th September 2015, however since then another major Mecca event has unfolded, namely the 24th September ‘crush’ which has ended the lives of just under 800 people.

Two columns comprising a million white clad pilgrims apiece and 90 degrees apart, converged at 9am local time to partake in the Hajj’s final right of throwing 7 stones at the Jamarat Pillars, which represent Satan, the devil, who tempted Prophet Abraham.

The ‘temptation” is an aberration of Time and Space. Since Abraham ‘Linear’ time, replaced ‘Cyclic’ time, whereby ‘Space & Time’ was allegorical, its real meaning is ‘Now’. Satan’s ‘Temptation’ of Adam-Eve, Abraham, et al, is happening ‘now’ in the present.

This Satan symbolism pertains to the physical idea of ‘Separation’ of homo-sapiens from their genetic creators, the Annunaki. To Earth Humans the Annunaki did not ‘die’, as their life spans were in the tens of thousands of years. So linear counting was never an option, there was no beginning and end in a sense. So things were of a ‘Cyclic-Now’ a sort of sum total perpetually presented in the ‘moment’ as a living ‘history’.

Overtime the, longer living, blue-blooded, Annunaki hybrid humans began to dilute and life spans naturally reduced and the concept of ‘Death’, linear beginning and endings, came to the for.

‘Satan’ represents humanities collective frustration of coming to terms with the inbuilt ‘death’ gene program and inequality with its seeders. “We must have ‘sinned’, offended, done something wrong, to deserve that”. It’s an erroneous belief we took on and which humanity collectively reflected back to itself by creating religions to keep it alive in our consciousness.

Adam & Eve were the first created Homo-Sapiens, mixed from the naturally homonoid Earth species and Annunaki genetics and bounded by the Saturn (Satan) program. The 7 stones represent the 7 rays, 7 planets & 7 chakras that broadcast, stabilize and maintain the Earth reality experience. And the Pilars symbolise ‘Duality’ the dimensional frequency.

Why did all those beautiful people die?

Firstly they were ‘transformed’, as no one ever really dies. Secondly they elected to surrender their lives as a ‘marker’ for the changes and transformation that is now taking place in this area and others. (see easter island).

‘What we resist, persists’. When a polarity is depolarized, there is no resistance, a vacuum happens, which feels like a pull or a fall. If one counter presses hands with another, exerting force and one of the parties suddenly removes their hands, that vacuum can create a wave of multiples falling. Those people that transcended in this act were true martyrs, as they released the second wave of polorised resistence through them. The first wave of martyrs were a result of the falling crane.

The Annunaki rock, contains all the minerals that make up a full blooded Annunaki being. A key, a bridge to our genetic creators and physical, ‘immortal’ equality. However it was ‘polorised’ by ‘other’ forces, we won’t go into here, turning it from crystalline white to the black it is today.

Eventually this rock will be open to all people at all times, its composition and essence will be shared in new ways. Hidden codes within ourselves will be unlocked through sybiotic resonance with it.

Now the 9/11 timing.

9/11/2001 acted as a remit to attack Afganistan, Iraq and subsequently many other Arab countries by an Oil family USA president. At this time I will not go into depth about it other than to point out the relationship to OIL.

There is a symbiotic energetic connection to the Hajarul Aswad – Black stone and Black Oil. All Oil, fuel based, engine motion, being based on destructive ‘polarised’ qualities. Self-Exploding force creating an UP-Down, Positive-Negative, alternating wave motion.

I’ll let the reader ponder that and the potential for new, natural, balanced energy that will be partly related to the de-polarized Hajarul Aswad.

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