Atlantean flaw

According to a channeled message by Tyler Ellison, Atlantis having created ‘instantaneous manifestation technology‘ which became unregulated leading to misuse  and the ultimate destruction of their culture was self inflicted by their fears. and not by the invasion of their society by extra dimensional beings entering via technology created weather portals. Rather it was the generated negative, lack of trust, anxiety & paranoia  individually and collectively of being blind-sided and out-of-control which reflected itself to attract a  negative spiral of  situations to fulfill what they thought of themselves.

Raphael via Tyler Ellison – channeled message.

“Whenever you view anyone as your opponent, your enemy as an oppressor you are shifting to that existence because everything is YOU even these things that are vilified in your lives, even being able to send them love, realising nothing can penetrate who you are and sending even the darkest aspects of what you see in your society the vibration of love you are shifting your awareness and collective awareness to a parallel version of earth through that imagination where you can then begin to experience those things with a less strong presence in your reality and through the constant emanation of non-judgement of these things you’ll find you’ll arrive at a version of earth where they are not there at all.
This is a very important message I want to drive home because our society did not realise that. Our society went into a cataclysm, particularly because we were being negatively influenced by the technology of the other scientific groups. we developed in that way a collective paranoia, as you can see happening in your society because the technology represents rapid change, not that the technology is inducing it, it’s reflecting your own consciousnesses rapid change and because people fear becoming what they do not know themselves to be, when they’re brought up that way, it triggers these types of feelings.
Our society was not savvy enough to transform that and this was mainly done so particular themes would be played out in our reality to ensure humanity would go through a forgetting of these technologies for some time. This is also why we use the name ‘remembrance’.  “