Tyler Ellison & warning

A fairly recent channeler who studied Darryl Anka / Bashar’s channeling techniques, who through practice, self belief  and following his passion/joy is where he is at now.

Superb  multi entity (chameleon) channeler who is stretching the envelope as to what it means to ‘be’ a channeler.  Utilizing his ability and affability to assist in the shift from 3rd to 4th density and much more.

Tyler uses ‘contact symbols’ to access and channel many different beings and societies.

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Hucolo TV  and Tyler’s background bio

According to Ryok an Essassani being he channels, Tyler is assisting them in a type of ‘peacemaker’ role, they et al are learning through him how to unfix history and heal conflicts by understanding that History is fluid, similar to a person passing from in front to behind one, once they are behind they are not fixed by ones previous perception of them.  This allows fixed definitions that are a source of memory to be erased along with subsequent  animosity and conflict.

note: Darryl Anka’s take on ‘new channelers’ is it’s a normal occurrence that multiple entities will initially come through, eventually, according to Darryl, this will settle over time to 3, 2 or 1 entitie(s).

Darryl further adds that the initial wave of diverse channeled beings are fragments of ones own historical & collective personality that the channeler integrates into their own idea of who they are.

Warning:  Ryok / Riok / Ryo /Ryokah as with Bashar could very likely be an elaborate thought form dishing out titbits of delightful esoteric wisdom in guise of massaging a transhuman agenda into the minds and hearts of humanity.  In light of Essassani robotic moons, Ryok’s  race seems to be  a synthetic  creation of the Greys, who according to Barbara Marciniak  ‘carry out the work of the Reptilian Annunaki’. Educator & rememberer Matias de Stefano, notes Reptilians do not have feelings & empathy as mammalian born humans do, thus genetic experimentation on humans is actioned without much care for our species.

Tyler even uses this banner to promote his Ryo youtube transmissions and is clearly proud of his Reptilian appearance.

The Essasanni constantly spin the alien abduction of children in a positive light, as something Humans have agreed upon on another level  yet which they do not remember. Here we must note, the first rule of invasion is deception, thus one should NOT read anything into this ‘suggestion’ from Ryo or Bashar.  The massive disappearance of children on Earth is according to channeler ‘Barbara Marciniak ‘ part of this Hybrid agenda of breeding a Human race less and less biological and more and more synthetic, which is far more controllable by the ‘returning’ Annunaki.

Please watch the first 2.5 mins of the Sasha stone presented Video clip: https://rumble.com/v1fhqyn-there-were-giants-hidden-history-with-sasha-stone-pt2..html