Physical reality dream

Jai-Yah Channeled by Tyler Ellison:

“Physical reality unfolds like a story because your brain is designed to pick-up patterns and it organises the patterns to translate through the lens of a story, but if you see it through more materialistic perspectives of a random chaotic universe you are depriving your physical mind of union with the imagination.

When you have union with your imagination you’re able to see the symbolism behind  all  the different events and experiences that occur while you’re awake.  In the exact same way you can interpret a dream.

So if the World is only viewed materialistically you are not exercising your imagination fully into the physical reality and then the physical reality becomes less of a dream and more of a concrete solid seemingly real experience but that’s just the nature of its illusory mask that it wears.  The dream world will wear that same mask is the sense your dreams will feel real  and that reflects how you will see physical reality as definitely 100% real and unchanging but when you start to recognize that its a dream the imagination and the physical mind unify very deeply., unveiling the symbolism behind every single encounter you have in the physical and this will propel you into a state-of-being that’s very much in resonance with our societies state-of-being.”

Tyler Ellison : – Tyler Ellison’s Youtube page

transcribed from this video